Panonychus citri McGregor, 1916

Marić, Ivana, Marčić, Dejan, Petanović, Radmila & Auger, Philippe, 2018, Biodiversity of spider mites (Acari: Tetranychidae) in Serbia: a review, new records and key to all known species, Acarologia 58 (1), pp. 3-14: 10

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Panonychus citri McGregor, 1916


Panonychus citri McGregor, 1916  

Origin of the specimens examined — Area C: Slankamenački Vinogradi (44°49’02”N, 20°26’05”E), on Malus pumilla   ( Rosaceae   ), 12♀ and 8♂, 12/08/2013; Area O: Tara (43°56’60”N, 19°22’09”E), on Malus sylvestris   ( Rosaceae   ), 11♀ and 4♂, 22/05/2013; Area

W: Radan-Ivanje (44°49’02”N, 20°26’05”E), on Prunus avium   ( Rosaceae   ), 3♀ and 2♂, 26/07/2013.

Remarks — This species was found on three host   plants from the family Rosaceae   , which are its new host   records in the world. It is a worldwide distributed species with 69 records (including Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia and Greece in the Balkans), found on 108 host   plants from 38 families, mostly on Rutaceae   , Rosaceae   and Moraceae   . The species is a severe pest of Citrus   plants ( Vacante, 2016), also described in former Yugoslavia ( Petanović and Filipi-Matutinović, 1988), but these data are not related to Serbia, which is not a citrus   producing country due to unfavorable climate.