Orchestes (Orchestes) erythropus ( Germar, 1821 )

Colonnelli, Enzo & Osella, Giuseppe, 2009, New data on some Curculionoidea (Coleoptera: Anthribidae, Apionidae, Curculionidae) from Sardinia *, Zootaxa 2318, pp. 421-426 : 424

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Orchestes (Orchestes) erythropus ( Germar, 1821 )


Orchestes (Orchestes) erythropus ( Germar, 1821)  

Material examined. Sardinia: Carbonia-Iglesias prov., Iglesias, Marganai , 700 m, UTM 32S 0462853 4355582, 29.IV–20. V   .2004, G. Chessa leg., Malaise trap, 1 ex ( CNBFVR)   .

Notes. One specimen of this European ( Alonso-Zarazaga 2004) leaf-miner weevil was collected at Iglesias, Marganai, and this is the first record from Sardinia of this uncommon species, in Italy only known from Trentino (northern Italy) and Latium (central Italy) ( Abbazzi & Osella 1992). However, it is possible that its distribution in Italy is more continuous, owing to the difficulty of separating O. erythropus   from the closely related O. tricolor ( Kiesenwetter, 1851)   .


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