Tonnoiriella turcica Wagner, 1986,

Wagner, Rüdiger & Withers, Phil, 2020, The West-Palearctic species of the genus Tonnoiriella Vaillant, 1971 (Diptera: Psychodidae, Psychodinae), Zootaxa 4728 (2), pp. 183-210: 195

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Tonnoiriella turcica Wagner, 1986


Tonnoiriella turcica Wagner, 1986 

( Fig. 22View FIGURES 15–25)

Tonnoiriella turcica Wagner, 1986  : Entomofauna 7 (6): 88.

Material: 1♂ holotype, Turkey, Province Kars, Aras-Tal , 1.500 m a.s.l., W Kagiszman, 2 August 1983, leg. Schacht  ; 1♂ Turkey, Province Kars, Aras-Tal , 1.300 m a.s.l., W Karakurt, 4 July August 1985, leg. Schacht  ; 1♂ Turkey, 19 km S Salihli (28°05’E / 38°23’N) Sturzbächlein, 1.000 m a.s.l., 22 May 1992 leg. Malicky & SipahilerGoogleMaps  ; 1♂ Turkey, 12 km N Ortago (28°45’E / 36°52’N), Kocabe Deresi, stream, 26 May 1992 leg. Malicky & Sipahiler ( RW)GoogleMaps  .

Description: Head with eyebridge of 3 facet rows; distance between eyes approximately 4 facet diameters; a single row of 7–9 postocular bristles. Antenna with scape, pedicel and 14 flagellomeres: absolute length 0.058- 0.054-0.044-0.044-0.045-0.046-0.048-0.052-0.056-0.052-0.048-0.044-0.038-0.028- 0.024-0.052 mm; relative length 29-27-22-22-22.5-23-24-26-28-26-24- 22-19-14-12 -14. Pairs of digitate ascoids on flagellomeres 5–11. Palpus segments; absolute length 0.074-0.094- 0.096-0.195 mm; relative length 37-47-48-97.

Wing 2.75 times longer than wide; length 2.13 mm, width 0.78 mm.

Male terminalia with hypandrium expanded in the middle, laterally with small angles ( Fig. 22View FIGURES 15–25). Gonocoxites approximately 2.5x longer than wide; inner side with 10 or more longer setae, at middle with 1 long seta; gonostylus straight, shorter than gonocoxite. Basally with rectangular condyles.

Parameres with a broad ventral bridge, lobes 1/3 of gonocoxite length, ventrally in the midst with a racketshaped brownish mark of the aedeagus sheath; above a pair of bent processes shorter than the ventral processes that do not meet in the middle.

Basiphallus longer than wide, basally expanded, apically bilobed; ventral lobe bifid, ventral arm connected to the distiphallus, longer arm slightly bent with blunt tip; distiphallus bent, with both ends rounded, the broader end with a short projection, the smaller end simply round. The end of the dorsal basiphallus lobe is a cross sclerite broadest in the midst, no apical foldings.

Epandrium rhomboid, epandrial processes almost straight, apically with 10 feathered tenacula, the distal 3–4 ones shorter than the remaining that are 2–3 times longer. Specimen from Ortago with only 6–7 retinacula.

Distribution: Turkey.

Remarks: The description is based on the specimen from Salihli (see above), because palpi and antennae were lost in the holotype; further in the holotype the distiphallus sclerite is in a less well recognizable upright position (see discussion of genitalia).














Tonnoiriella turcica Wagner, 1986

Wagner, Rüdiger & Withers, Phil 2020

Tonnoiriella turcica

Wagner 1986