Tonnoiriella fontinalis Wagner & Salamanna, 1984,

Wagner, Rüdiger & Withers, Phil, 2020, The West-Palearctic species of the genus Tonnoiriella Vaillant, 1971 (Diptera: Psychodidae, Psychodinae), Zootaxa 4728 (2), pp. 183-210: 199

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Tonnoiriella fontinalis Wagner & Salamanna, 1984


Tonnoiriella fontinalis Wagner & Salamanna, 1984 

( Figs. 29–31View FIGURES 26–31)

Tonnoiriella fontinalis Wagner & Salamanna, 1984  : Bollettino della Societa entomologica italiana, Genova 116 (1–3): 53. Tonnoiriella pseudofontinalis Wagner, 1993  : Entomofauna 14 (24): 408, new synonymy.

Material: 1♂ Italy: island of Sardinia, north of Lussurgio (40°10’N / 08°39’E), spring in 700 m a.s.l., 04 June 1981, leg. MalickyGoogleMaps  ; 1♂ France: island of Corsica, SW Calacuccia, Col de Vergio (42°18’N / 08°56’E), 1.050 m a.s.l., 17 June 1981, leg. Malicky (type specimen of T. pseudofontinalis  )GoogleMaps 

Description: Head with eyebridge of 3 facet rows, one median row with 4 facets; distance between eyes 4 facet diameters; with postocular bristles. Antenna with scape, pedicel and 14 flagellomeres: absolute length 0.042-0.060- 0.044-0.050-0.050-0.050-0.058-0.050-0.048-0.046-0.040-0.040-0.038-0.030- 0.026-0.050 mm; relative length 25- 28-20-23-23-23-25-29-24-24-21- 20-18-15-9 -14. Flagellomere 5–11 with a pair of digitiform short ascoids. Palpus segments absolute length: 0.058 -0.078 -0.09-0.15; relative length: 29-39-45-75.

Wing 2.67 times longer than wide; length 2.11 mm, width 0.79 mm (specimen from Sardinia); 2.33 times longer than wide; length 2.33 mm, width 1.00 mm (specimen from Corsica).

Male terminalia with a consistently narrow hypandrium with only a small median semicircular projection; gonocoxites about 2x longer than wide, slightly bent with a long median seta; gonostyli evenly bent, as long as gonocoxites.

Ventral bridge of the parameres ventrally in the midst with an asymmetrical racket-shaped brownish spot on the aedeagus sheath, dorsally with connection to condyles ( Fig. 31View FIGURES 26–31).

Aedeagus with narrow basiphallus; ventral lobe as long as width of basiphallus, linked to the distiphallus by a slightly sclerotized intersection; distiphallus with two basal arms to basiphallus, distal part straight in rectangle to basal projections. Dorsal basiphallus lobe bent, apically asymmetrically bilobed.

Epandrium rhomboid, epandrial processes almost straight with apically 6 feathered retinacula, 3 long, 3 short; Corsican specimen with 8 retinacula, 5 long, 3 short.

Distribution: Corsica, Sardinia.

Remarks: Morphology of male genitalia and measures of specimens from Sardinia and Corsica are almost identical ( Figs. 29, 30View FIGURES 26–31). Male terminalia are mirror inverted without any further morphological difference. For this reason we are placing T. pseudofontinalis  in synonymy with T. fontinalis  .














Tonnoiriella fontinalis Wagner & Salamanna, 1984

Wagner, Rüdiger & Withers, Phil 2020

Tonnoiriella pseudofontinalis

Wagner 1993

Tonnoiriella fontinalis

Wagner & Salamanna 1984