Tonnoiriella mollis ( Satchell, 1955 ),

Wagner, Rüdiger & Withers, Phil, 2020, The West-Palearctic species of the genus Tonnoiriella Vaillant, 1971 (Diptera: Psychodidae, Psychodinae), Zootaxa 4728 (2), pp. 183-210: 199-201

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Tonnoiriella mollis ( Satchell, 1955 )


Tonnoiriella mollis ( Satchell, 1955) 

( Figs. 32–37View FIGURES 32–42)

Pericoma mollis Satchell, 1955  : Annals of the Natal Museum 13: 101.

Tonnoiriella mollis  ; Ježek 1999: Časopis Národniho muzea Řada přirodovědná 168: 17.

Material: Holotype 2♂ on slide; red label: TYPE Pericoma mollis Satchell  m.s.; white label handwritten: Eaton No 3 c, ventrally pasted over with white label Eaton Bequest B.M. 1929-590; other side of slide white label handwritten Libidophila mollis  ♂, waterfall above Las Mercedes, near Laguna, Tenerife, 24 February & 3 March 1902 Alt 2.400 ft. The slide includes 4 Antennae, 4 palpi, 2 legs, 2 wings, 1 epandrium with 1 epandrial processes, 1 epandrium with 2 epandrial processes ventral view, 1 gonocoxites with gonostylus, 1 gonocoxites with gonostylus and aedeagus, 1 aedeagus lateral view. Heads and thoraces not included. A ‘real’ holotype cannot be determined as body parts presented cannot be assigned to individual specimens. 

Paratype 1♂ on slide; blue label: Paratype; other blue label pasted over white label: Paratype Pericoma mollis Satchell  m.s.; circular white label handwritten: wing, genitalia, antenna (with red dots); other side of slide white label handwritten Libidophila mollis  ♂, waterfall above Las Mercedes, La Laguna, Tenerife, 31 march 1902, Alt 2400 ft. The slide includes wing antenna and genitalia, no head and thorax. Specimens in BMNH.

Description (holotype): Head, thorax and abdomen not available. Antennae (detached from head) with short scape and globular pedicel, apical flagellomeres smaller; absolute length of antennomeres: 0.04-0.06-0.05-0.06- 0.05-0.05-0.06-0.05-0.05-0.05-0.04-0.04-0.03-0.03- 0.02-0.03 mm, relative length: 22-29-27-28-27-26-28-27-25- 23-22- 19-17-13-12 -15; flagellomeres 5-11 with a pair of digitiform ascoids. Palpus segment length absolute: 0.05- 0.10- 0.11-0.22 mm; relative length: 27-50-57-109.

Wing slightly opaque with 2 light cross stripes in the basal and in the apical third. Wing length 2.46–2.54 mm (paratype 2.41 mm); width 0.91 mm (0.96 mm in paratype); relation length by width 2.5–2.8.

Male terminalia with hypandrium slightly expanded in the middle ( Figs 32, 35View FIGURES 32–42). Gonocoxites approximately 2.5x longer than wide, with 1 long seta on inner side; gonostyli longer than gonocoxites, slightly bent, apical portion spearhead-like flattened, serrate.

Parameres small, but in principle not different from the other species. Ventral basiphallus lobe with 2 arms, ventral arm connected with a short cross distiphallus. The dorsal basiphallus lobe is straight with widened end, without a dorsal distiphallus sclerite ( Fig. 37View FIGURES 32–42).

Epandrium rhomboid, wider than long, subepandrial processes plate rhomboid distally wider ( Fig. 34View FIGURES 32–42); epandrial processes short and stout, apically with 3 feathered tenacula, one as long as the epandrial processes, 2 half as long ( Fig. 33View FIGURES 32–42).

Distribution: Canary Islands, Tenerife.

Remarks: The species is well characterized by the only slightly expanded hypandrium, and the short epandrial processes appendages with 3 tenacula. The paratype with 2 tenacula, 1 long, 1 short ( Fig. 36View FIGURES 32–42).














Tonnoiriella mollis ( Satchell, 1955 )

Wagner, Rüdiger & Withers, Phil 2020

Pericoma mollis

Satchell 1955