Camponotus densopilus, Shattuck, S. O., 2005

Shattuck, S. O., 2005, Review of the Camponotus aureopilus species-group (Hymenoptera, Formicidae), including a second Camponotus with a metapleural gland., Zootaxa 903, pp. 1-20: 8-10

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Camponotus densopilus

new species

Camponotus densopilus  HNS  new species (Figs 7-12)

Diagnosis (minor worker). Enlarged hairs on pronotum present, yellow and covering the entire dorsal surface; pubescence on dorsum of head thin and widely spaced.

Description (minor worker). Posterolateral margin of head angular, the dorsal surface weakly convex, the lateral surface weakly concave (more so in smaller workers, less so in larger workers), a ridge running from the eye to the posterolateral corner. Petiolar node tapering dorsally into a blunt angle. Individual erect hairs scattered on dorsum of mesosoma, petiole and gaster; enlarged yellow hairs present on dorsal surface of pronotum; pubescence thin and scattered across entire body. Colour black, legs red-black.

Description (major worker). Differing from minor worker in the enlarged head, higher, more angular propodeum and overall larger size. Other characters as in minor worker.

Measurements. Minor worker (n=3): CI 90-93, HL 1.73-2.06mm, HW 1.56- 1.91mm, ML 2.87-3.00mm, MTL 1.99-2.17mm, SI 128-146, SL 2.27-2.45mm. Major worker (n=2): CI 101-105, HL 2.54-3.16mm, HW 2.56-3.31mm, ML 3.19-4.47mm, MTL 2.17-2.28mm, SI 71-90, SL 2.31-2.36mm.

Material Examined. Holotype worker and 17 worker paratypes from PT. Freeport Concession, Wapoga camp, 3,800ft. , 3°14'S 136°57'E, Irian Jaya, Indonesia, 20 April 1998, R. R. Snelling, montane primary rainforest , foragers running on log (holotype and 11 paratypes in LACM, 2 paratypes in ANIC, 2 paratypes in BMNH, 2 paratypes in MCZC).GoogleMaps 

Comments. This species, known from a single collection, was found in rainforest where the workers were foraging on a log.


USA, California, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History


Australia, Australian Capital Territory, Canberra City, CSIRO, Australian National Insect Collection


United Kingdom, London, The Natural History Museum [formerly British Museum (Natural History)]


USA, Massachusetts, Cambridge, Harvard University, Museum of Comparative Zoology