Nipponentomon cf. bidentatum Nakamura, 2004,

Bu, Yun, Potapov, Mikhail B. & Yin, Wen Ying, 2014, Systematic and biogeographical study of Protura (Hexapoda) in Russian Far East: new data on high endemism of the group, ZooKeys 424, pp. 19-57: 38

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Nipponentomon cf. bidentatum Nakamura, 2004


Taxon classification Animalia Protura Nipponentomidae

Nipponentomon cf. bidentatum Nakamura, 2004 

Material examined.

2 males, locality 3, 20-IX-2009, coll. O. Smirnova; 3 females, 2 males, locality 2, 30-IX-2011, coll. M. Potapov & V. Alpatov.


Russia (Far East, Khabarovsk Krai). New for Russia.


The present species is nearly identical to Nipponentomon bidentatum  Nakamura, 2004 found from Korfovsky area of Khabarovsk Krai, they have the same shape of sensilla on foretarsus and the body chaetotaxy (seta P3a absent on tergites II–VII and A3 present on tergite I), our form only differs in the presence of seta d6 on head and 1 inner flap on the claw. Final decision on the status of our population calls for the additional study.