Anthrenus museorum (Linnaeus, 1761)

Webster, Reginald P., Sweeney, Jon D., DeMerchant, Ian & Turgeon, Martin, 2012, New Coleoptera records from New Brunswick, Canada: Dermestidae, Endecatomidae, Bostrichidae, and Ptinidae, ZooKeys 179, pp. 127-139: 129

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Anthrenus museorum (Linnaeus, 1761)


Anthrenus museorum (Linnaeus, 1761)   Map 2 View

Material examined.

New Brunswick, Carleton Co., Jackson Falls, Bell Forest, 46.2210°N, 67.7210°W, 25.VI.2007, R. P. Webster, mature hardwood forest, sweeping foliage (1, RWC). Madawaska Co., St.-Basile, 7.V.1999, M. Turgeon, in insect collection (1, MTC); same locality and collector, 29.V.2010 (1, MTC). York Co., Charters Settlement, 45.8395°N, 66.7391°W, 19.VI.2004, 14.VI.2008, R. P. Webster, mixed forest, on flowers of mountain ash and an ornamental Spiraea   (7, RWC).

Collection and habitat data.

Anthrenus museorum   adults were collected from flowers of mountain ash ( Sorbus   sp.) and an ornamental Spiraea   , and by sweeping foliage in a mature hardwood forest. One adult was found in an insect collection. Adults were captured during May and June. The larvae of this household pest feed on wool, fur, skins, museum specimens, and other animal products. Adults feed on nectar and pollen ( Bousquet 1990).

Distribution in Canada and Alaska.

ON, QC, NB, PE, NS, NF ( Bousquet 1991a; Majka 2007).