Bolboceroides capensis (Klug)

Gussmann S. M. & Scholtz, C. H., 2000, Systematic revision of endemic southern African genera of Bolboceratinae (Coleoptera: Scarabaeoidea: Bolboceratidae), Journal of Natural History 34, pp. 1045-1123 : 1093-1098

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Bolboceroides capensis (Klug)


Bolboceroides capensis (Klug)

Bolboceras capense Klug, 1843: 49 ; Westwood 1852: 23 (Redescr.); PeÂringuey 1901: 484

(Redescr.); Boucomont 1902: 4; 1912: 8; Paulian 1941: 30. Bolboceroides capensis (Klug) : Vulcano et al. 1969: 168 (Tax.); Krikken 1984: 36. Bolboceras batesii Distant, 1892: 191 , table 1, ®gure 5; PeÂringuey 1901: 484 (syn. of Bolboceras

capense, Tax. ); Boucomont 1902: 4 ( Bolboceras batesii ); 1912: 8 (syn. of Bolboceras capense ); Paulian 1941: 30.


Body length. 9.2±14.2 mm.

Colour. Light to dark brown.

Head. Dorsal surface asetose. Outer margin of mandibl e rounded (®gure 21a, b). Labrum sloping downward from feebly developed to obsolete transverse carina in anterior third and posterior two-thirds; anterior margin distinctly sinuate (®gure 21a, b). Clypeus with distinct transverse anterior carina, in females medially raised to form a tubercle (®gures 21b, 22a); in males with distinct, often large median tubercle, positioned slightly posteriad of anterior carina (®gures 21a, 22b); with distinct lateral carina from endpoints of anterior carina extending posteriad in slightly arcuate line to above antennal insertion; lateral carina above antennal insertion strongly raised to form tubercle in both sexes (®gure 21a, b); carina continuing posteriad from tubercle in slightly sinuate line to point in line with posterior end of eyes (®gure 21a, b). Frons in males without ornamentation; in females medially in line with distinctly raised antero-lateral angle of eye-canthi with two distinct, separate tubercles (®gures 21b, 22a); surface more or less ¯at in both sexes. Antennal club ovoid, slightly shorter than diameter of eye; glabrous area of basal segment approximately half of exposed surface.

Pronotum (®gure 22b). With two antero-median and one antero-latera l swelling each, all of equal size, non-tuberculate and non-carinate; with large punctures, interspersed with small punctures; small punctures increasingly replaced by more densely spaced, partially conūent, large punctures along anterior pronotal margin and on sides; top of the swellings with small punctures but almost devoid of large punctures; with feebly indented and densely punctured midline extending from between antero-median swellings towards posterior pronotal margin but not reaching the latter; lateral margin entire.

Scutellum (®gure 21c). Deltoid, basal width about 1.45Ölength; lateral margin evenly curved; densely and coarsely punctate.

Elytron. Anterior margin not upturned; striae moderately impressed, their punctures moderately sized and separated by two to four puncture diameters (®gure 21c); intervals with small punctures (approximately ®ve between two striae); sutural stria terminating at scutellum in an arcuate line, second stria reaching elytral base (®gure 21c).

Prosternum behind procoxae (®gure 21e). With two small tuberculate protrusions and depressed area between them.

Metasternum (®gure 21d). Disc more or less ¯at, process with upturned lateral margins (arrow ®gure 21d); with longitudinal, median suture not reaching anterior declivity; meso-metasternal suture present at the top of the gradually downwards sloping anterior declivity.

Legs. Protibia of normal shape, non-dilated, six-dentate. Protibial spur acuminate; elongate, longer than ®fth tarsomere. Protarsus with ®rst tarsomere shorter than ®fth tarsomere, about as long as tarsomere 2, 3 or 4. Metafemur with punctation and setation in ventral view as in ®gure 21f. Metatibia in lateral view elongate, only feebly broadening towards apex; with subapical carina distinctly bilobed; with toothlike projections arranged in two rows above subapical carina. Metatarsus lacking subapical setae on tarsomeres 2±4.

Underside. With moderately dense and long setation.

Male genitalia (®gure 21g ±i). Aedeagus with elongate, angular parameres.

Distribution (®gure 23). Distributional records all stem from areas east of 22ssE in South Africa.

Type material examined. LECTOTYPE l(here designated), Bolboceras capensis Klug :` capensis Klug *, Pr.b.sp. Krebs’ /` ’l/`Type’ [printed red label]/`25670’ (ZMHB); PARALECTOTYP E m (here designated):`Cap b.sp. 25670’/`m’/`Type’ [printed red label] (ZMHB); HOLOTYPE m, Bolboceras batesii Distant :`Pretoria (W.L.D.)’/`Distan t Coll. 1911-383 ’/` Bolboceras batesii Dist. (type)’ [handwriting Distant] (BMNH).

Additional material examined (186 specimens). 1m, TVL., Entabeni Forest Res., Soutpansberg , 23.00S 30.16E, 18± 19.i.1982, R.G. Oberprieler light trap ( SANC) GoogleMaps ; 2mm, Entabeni Forest [22.59S 30.16E], 12± 17.i.1971, R.Jones ( TMSA) GoogleMaps ; 1m, Entabeni, Zpbg. , xi.1931, G. van Son ( TMSA) ; 1,l 3mm, North-West, Rustenburg Nat.Res. , 25.42S 27.13E, 28.ii.1998, leg. C. H. Scholtz, at light ( UPSA) GoogleMaps ; 1,l 1m, Mpumalanga, Kopeeskraal, Lydenburg , 25.07S 30.12E, 5.xii.1996, E-Y: 3252, UV light, leg. EndroÈdy-Younga ( TMSA) GoogleMaps ; 1,l Transvaal, Magaliesberg , Coll v. de Poll ( MNHN) ; 1,l Pretoria [25.43S 28.11E], N.O., 6.iv.1927 ( UPSA) GoogleMaps ; 1m, Pretoria , 1939, C. v. B. ( UPSA) ; 1m, Pretoria , 22.ii.1912, A. J. T. Janse ( TMSA) ; 1,l Pretoria , 25.ii.1911, D.Burger ( TMSA) ; 1m, Pretoria, TP, i.1906, Ent. SN. 3659 ( SANC) ; 1m, Pretoria, SE 25 28 Cc , 10.x.1984, W. Wessels ( UPSA) ; 1m, Pretoria , 27.ii.1911, D.Burger ( TMSA) ; 1m, Pretoria , [illegible] ( BMNH) ; 2mm, Amsterdam [26.38S 30.40E], 1905, Mr Rawson ( TMSA) GoogleMaps ; 1,l 1m, Wakkerstroom [27.21S 30.09E], 1925, G. v. Dam ( TMSA) GoogleMaps ; 1m, S.A., Tvl., Wakkerstrom , camp ground, at light, 12.xii.1985, V. B. Whitehead ( SAMC) ; 2mm, Woodbush [ca 23.47S 30.00E], i.1923, Austin Roberts ( TMSA) GoogleMaps ; 1m, Woodbush , xii.1910, P.A.Methuen ( TMSA) ; 1m, W.P., Winterskamp, Loskopdam [SE 29 25 Ad], 16.i.1939 ( UPSA) ; 1,l Johannesburg [26.12S 28.05E] ( TMSA) GoogleMaps ; 1m, Johannesburg , i.1912, H.Feldham ( SAMC) ; 1,l Johannesburg , 1.iii.1910 ( SANC) ; 1m, Louis Trichardt [23.02S 29.54E], 1.iv.1922, Dr. H.G. Breijer ( TMSA) GoogleMaps ; 1m, Blouberg [23.05S 29.00E], Tvl., Motlakeng GoogleMaps , 5±6000 ft., 6± 15.i.1955, Transv. Mus. Exp. ( TMSA) ; 1m, Johannesburg , H. Crawford Cruger, 1903-211 .

(BMNH); 1,l Boksburg , Transvaal, C. H. Pead, 1907-250. ( BMNH) ; 1m, Lydenburg [25.06S 30.27E], 21.i.1930, Miss Obermeyer ( TMSA) GoogleMaps ; 1,l 6mm, Transvaal , Lydenburg, F. Wilms S.V. ( ZMHB) ; 1,l same data but additional label:`80272’ ( ZMHB) ; 2mm, Transvaal , Lydenburg ( ZMHB) ; 1m, Waterpoort [22.54S 29.37E], iv.1978, M. Botha ( UPSA) GoogleMaps ; 1m, DW., Graskop [24.55S 30.50E], iii.1964 ( UPSA) GoogleMaps ; 1,l Ermelo , 26.50S 29.59E, 2.xii.1989, D.J.Kotze ( UPSA) GoogleMaps ; 1m, Ubique , 24.44S 29.13E, 12.iii.1993, R. Wolmarans ( UPSA) GoogleMaps ; 1,l Wierdapark , 25.52S 28.08E, 17.xii.1988, LG Le Roux ( UPSA) GoogleMaps ; 1,l 2mm, Gauteng, Bashewa Plot 12, 25 km E Pretoria, 25.56S 28.24E, at light at night, 23.i.1995, R. Stals ( UPSA) GoogleMaps ; 1,l 1m, same data but: 1550 m, 27.xii.1995, R. Stals, collected at night, attracted to light ( SANC) GoogleMaps ; 1m, Elliotdale, SE 31 23 Dc , xii.1970, C. J. Colijn ( UPSA) ; 1,l Onder Brook Spruit , OFS, 29.iii.1915, G. Lewis ( BMNH) ; 1,l 1m, OFS, Beginsel 1284, Vrede, SE 27 28 Da , 9± 15.ii.1979, A.Strydom, ( BMSA, No. 7410) ; 1m, Freestate, near Parys, Farm Abel 52 Middelpunt , 26.54S 27.35E, 26.ii.1993, R.Stals ( UPSA) GoogleMaps ; 2mm, abt. 12 mls S of Mt. Fletcher [SE 30 28 Dc ], ca 5000ft., 27.iii.1954, at light in open veld, Stn .

No. 106, Cape Province, Mt. Fletcher District , J. Balfour-Browne, B.M .

1954f-797.(BMNH); 1,l Kuruman [27.27S 23.26E], ii.1939, W. G. Kobrow ( TMSA); 1m, Cape, Ruitersbos, Robinson Pas, 33.56S 22.03E, leg. Bond ( TMSA); 1m, Transkei, Presley Bay, SE 31 29 Cd, 15.iii.1975, V.B.Whitehead, at light ( SAMC); 1m, East London [33.02S 27.55E], i.1923, H. K. Munro ( TMSA) GoogleMaps ; 2mm, Katberg [32.31S 26.38E], 1± 13.xi.1932, R. E. Turner, BM 1932-551 ( BMNH) GoogleMaps ; 1,l Transkei, Ntsubane-forest , 31.27S 29.44E, 1.xii.1988, E-Y: 2593, forest ¯oor litter, leg GoogleMaps .

Endroedy-Younga (TMSA); 1,l Cape Prov., Tsitsikama , 33.58S 23.45E, 6.iii.1980, Scoble ( TMSA) GoogleMaps ; 1m, Saasveld [33.57S 22.32], iii.1961, Entomologist ( TMSA) ; 1m, New Hanover [29.21S 30.32E], i.1955, B. Bayer ( TMSA) GoogleMaps ; 1m, New Hanover, Natal , 2.ii.1913, C. B. Hardenberg ( BMNH) ; 1m, Wartburg [29.26S 30.35E], 30.i.1958, J.H.Wiese ( TMSA) GoogleMaps ; 1m, Durban [29.52S 31.00E], Natal /1938, Coll. A. Boucomont ( MNHN) GoogleMaps ; 1,l Port Natal [Durban]/ Fry Coll. 1905-100 ( BMNH) ; 1m, Port Natal ( BMNH) ; 1,l 1m, Natal , Durban, J. H. Bowker ( SAMC) ; 1m, Natal , D’ Urban [Durban], 1894, N.Korker ( SAMC) ; 1,l 1m, Natal, Durban , 1894, C.N.Barker ( SAMC) ; 1,l same data but: 1893 ( SAMC) ; 1m, Natal , Durban ( ZMHB) ; 1m, Durban ( AMMM) ; 1m, Natal , D’ Urban [Durban] ( SANC) ; 1,l 2mm, Natal , Van Reenen [ca 28.22S 29.23E], Drakensberg, xii.1926, R. E. Turner, Brit. Mus. 1927-2 5 ( BMNH) GoogleMaps ; 1,l 1m, same data but: 1± 22.i.1927, Brit. Mus. 1927-54 ( BMNH) GoogleMaps ; 1,l same data but: 23± 26.i.1927 ( MNHN) GoogleMaps ; 1m, P.M.B. [ Pietermaritzburg ] [29.36S 30.24E], Cl. Fuller Coll., Maritzburg, xii.1912 ( TMSA) GoogleMaps ; 1,l P.M.B.

[ Pietermartizburg], 16.xi.1908 ( TMSA) ; 1 l 1m, Frere [28.53S 29.46E], Natal, 3800 ft., captured xi.1892 GoogleMaps , G. Marshall ( BMNH); 1,l same data but: i.1892 ( BMNH) GoogleMaps ; 1,l Natal , Frere [28.53S 29.46E], A. Marshall ( SAMC); 1m, Malvern [29.53S 30.56E], Natal, G. A. K. Marshall Coll., B.M. 1950-25 5 ( BMNH) GoogleMaps ; 1m, Malvern, 1908, C. N. Barker ( SAMC); 1m, Natal , Weenen [28.51S 30.05E], iii.1926 GoogleMaps , H.P.

Thomasset. (BMNH); 1m, Estcourt [29.00S 29.53E], Natal, Andrewes Bequest/B.M.

1922-221 (BMNH); 1m, Estcourt , xii.1896, [illegible] ( TMSA) ; 1,l Cathkin Peak [29.04S 29.21E], i.1941, R.Lawrence ( SAMC) GoogleMaps ; 1m, Karkloof [29.26S 29.53E], Ntl., i.1918, H. Bell-Marley ( TMSA) GoogleMaps ; 1,l Natal , Gingindlovu, 29.02S 31.38E, xi.1977, P. Reavell ( SANC) GoogleMaps ; 1m, S.Afr., Natal , Cathedral Peak, 28.57S 29.12E, 16.iii.1976, E-Y: 1093, at light, leg. EndroÈdy-Younga ( TMSA) GoogleMaps ; 1,l same data but: 17.iii.1976, E-Y: 1087, UV light collection ( TMSA) GoogleMaps ; 1m, Natal , Port Shepstone [30.44S 30.28E], xi.1914, Hardenberg ( TMSA) GoogleMaps ; 1m, Natal , Colenso [28.44S 29.49E], ex. Musaeo D.Sharp, 1890 ( MNHN) GoogleMaps ; 1m Namathes [29.08S 27.51E], C.J.G., Bas, 4.i.1933 ( UPSA) GoogleMaps ; 1m, Paul Roux [28.17S 27.56E], 10.ii.1980, C. R. Owen ( COCS) GoogleMaps ; 2 ll, 1m, Zulul. , Eshowe [28.53S 31.28E] ( SAMC) GoogleMaps ; 1,l Eshowe , Natal, 16.ii.1980, C. R .

Owen (COCS); 1m, Eshowe, S.A., ii.1949, R.H. Anderson ( USSA) ; 1m, Champagne, Natal [ca SE 29 29 Ab], 22.i.1980, C. R. Owen ( COCS) ; 1,l 2mm, O. F.S., Greenlands 1245, Harrismith , 28.16S 28.59E, 17-19.xii.1984, A.v.Rensburg ( BMSA, No. 13615); 2mm, Pinetown [29.50S 30.52E], Marley ( SAMC) GoogleMaps ; 1,l Natal, Howick [29.28S 30.14E] ( MNHN) GoogleMaps ; 1m, S.A., Dist.Hope, Humansdorp [34.02S 24.45E], ii.1951, Barber leg., Coll. Martinez ( HAHC) GoogleMaps ; 1m, N.Zululand, Gwaliweni Forest [27.23S 32.03E], xii.1950, Moor ( HAHC) GoogleMaps ; 1m, same data but: xii.1960 ( UPSA) GoogleMaps ; 1,l Cape Prov., Stormsrivier area , 14± 10.xii.1981, S. & J. Peck, gen.colln. ( HAHC) ; 1m, Pta, Swavelpoort , 25.46S 28.10E, 3.v.1997, D.G.van Eeden ( UPSA) GoogleMaps ; 5mm, Melmonth [28.35S 31.24E], Natal , iv.1997, light, P.Reavell ( TMSA) GoogleMaps ; 1m, Natal, Richmond [29.52S 30.15E], iv.1997, light, P. Reavell ( TMSA) GoogleMaps ; 1,l Natal, Dalton Woodlands Farm [29.20S 30.41E], iii.1997, light, P. Reavell ( TMSA) GoogleMaps ; 1m, Natal, Cedara westl. Pietermaritzburg , UV-Lichtfalle, xii.1961, leg. P. Neubecker ( HNHM) ; 1m, Natal, Garden Castle State Forest , 2050m, 6.ii.1986, V. B. Whitehead, to light ( SAMC) ; 9 ll, 38mm, no data or unprecise data, from TMSA, MNHN, ISNB, BMNH, ZMHB, SAMC, SANC, USSA, HAHC.

Comments. Strong sexual dimorphism is present in cephalic ornamentation, but absent in pronotal ornamentation. Little variation other than in body size is noticeable. The pronotum with its four rounded swellings and the cephalic armatures make it easy to recognize Bolboceroides capensis (Klug) . The species is rather common and often collected.


Agricultural Research Council-Plant Protection Research Institute


Transvaal Museum


University of Pretoria


Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle


Iziko Museums of Cape Town


National Museum Bloemfontein


Hungarian Natural History Museum (Termeszettudomanyi Muzeum)














Bolboceroides capensis (Klug)

Gussmann S. M. & Scholtz, C. H. 2000


PAULIAN, R. 1941: 30
BOUCOMONT, A. 1902: 4

Bolboceras capense

PEARINGUEY, L. 1901: 484
WESTWOOD, J. O. 1852: 23
KLUG, J. C. F. 1843: 49