MACROSIPHINA, Wilson, 1910

Stekolshchikov, Andrey V. & Buga, Sergey V., 2018, The aphid fauna (Hemiptera, Sternorrhyncha, Aphidomorpha) of Murmansk province (Russia), with description of Aphis khrulevi sp. nov. and Dysaphis karyakini sp. nov. and males of Chaitophorus n, Zootaxa 4527 (4), pp. 451-493: 483-489

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Acyrthosiphon brachysiphon Hille Ris Lambers, 1952 

Published information. Khi: Vaccinium uliginosum  ( Shaposhnikov, 1964; Heie, 1994).

Material. PABG  : Vaccinium uliginosum  , 15.vii.1962, apt. and imm. [19–24.vii.1962, apt. and al.); 29.vii.1962, apt. and al. (GSh).

Acyrthosiphon knechteli (Börner, 1950) 

Published information. Khi: without host plant ( Shaposhnikov, 1964; Heie, 1994).

Material. PABG: Vaccinium uliginosum  , 15.vii.1962, fund. and apt.; 29.vii.1962, apt. (GSh). Llm: Vaccinium vitis-idaea  and V. myrtillus  (shaking off), 27.vii.1962, apt. (GSh).

Acyrthosiphon malvae (Mosley, 1841) 

Published information. Khi: Geranium sylvaticum  L. ( Fridolin, 1936, as Aphis geranii Kaltenbach  ); Cirsium heterophyllum  (L.) Hill ( Shaposhnikov, 1964, as Acyrthosiphon pelargonii Kaltenbach  ). MP: without host plant ( Heie, 1994, as Acyrthosiphon pelargonii pelargonii  ).

Material. PABG  : Cirsium helenioides  (L.) Hill, 25.vii.1962, apt. and imm. [28–31.vii.1962, apt.] (GSh).

Acyrthosiphon pisum (Harris, 1776) 

Published information. Khi: Astragalus frigidus  (L.) A. Gray ( Fridolin, 1936, as Acyrthosiphon pisi Kaltenbach  ).

MP: without host plant ( Shaposhnikov, 1964).

Material. PABG: Deschampsia caespitosa  (L.) Beauv. and Phleum alpinum  L. (shaking off) (accidentally), 18.vii.1962, apt. and al. (GSh). Luv: Rosa sp. (accidentally), 19.vii.2002, apt.; Vicia cracca  , 24.vii.2002, apt. ( AS).

Amphorophora idaei (Börner, 1939) 

Material. Kan: Rubus idaeus L., 1.viii.2002, apt. and al. ( AS)  .

Amphorophora rubi (Kaltenbach, 1843) 

Published information. LRP and LRCh: Rubus chamaemorus (Stekolshchikov, 2012).

Material. Luv: Rubus chamaemorus, 30.vii.2002 and 20–29.vii.2006, apt. ( AS)  . LRCh: Rubus chamaemorus, and, fund. ( AS)  . LRP: Rubus chamaemorus, 9.vii.2005, apt. ( AS)  .

Cryptomyzus galeopsidis (Kaltenbach, 1843) 

Material. Luv: light trap, 5–8.viii.2003, al. (ESh). Kan: Galeopsis speciosa Mill., 19.vii.2005, em. and apt. (AK)

Cryptomyzus ribis (Linnaeus, 1758) 

Published information. MP: Ribes nigrum  L., Ribes rubrum  L. ( Novitskaya, 1962; Vershinina, 1972); Ribes rubrum  ( Znamenskaya, 1961, 1962); without host plant ( Shaposhnikov, 1964; Heie, 1994); Ribes nigrum  , Ribes niveum Lindl. ( Vershinina, 1975)  .

Material. PABG: Ribes rubrum  , 10.vii.1962, fund. (GSh). Ap: Ribes rubrum  , 12.vii.1962, em. and apt. (GSh).

Hyperomyzus lactucae (Linnaeus, 1758) 

Published information. MP: Ribes nigrum  ( Znamenskaya, 1961, 1962); without host plant ( Shaposhnikov, 1964; Heie, 1994). PABG: Ribes petraeum var. biebersteinii (Berland.) C. K. Schneid.  , Ribes rubrum ( Buga, 1999)  . LRCh: Ribes nigrum (Stekolshchikov, 2012)  .

Material. Khi: Hordeum  sp. (accidentally?), 10–20.vii.1938, apt. (KU). Ap: Ribes nigrum var. sibiricum W. Wolf.  , 12.vii.1962, fund., apt. and al. nym. [15.vii.1962, em.] (GSh). PABG: Ribes nigrum  , Ribes petraeum var. biebersteinii  , Ribes rubrum  , 17.vii.1998, al. (SB). Luv: Sonchus oleraceus  L., 21.vii.2002, apt. and al.; Cirsium arvense  (L.) Scop., 26.vii.2002, apt. and al.; light trap, 29–30.viii.2004, gyn. ( AS +ESh). Tur: Sonchus oleraceus  , 17.vii.2002, apt. and al. (ESh). LRCh: Ribes nigrum  , 11.vii.2004, apt. and al. nym. [12–14.vii.2004, em.] ( AS).

Hyperomyzus pallidus Hille Ris Lambers, 1935 

Published information. LRCh: Hieracium  sp. (Stekolshchikov, 2012).

Material. LRCh: Hieracium  sp., 18.vii.2004, apt. ( AS). Luv: light trap, 13.vii.2003, al.; 23.viii.2003, 7.viii.2004 and 29–30.viii.2004, gyn.; 16–17.vii.2005, al. (ESh).

Hyperomyzus (Hyperomyzella) rhinanthi (Schouteden, 1903) 

Published information. MP: Ribes rubrum  ( Novitskaya, 1962; Znamenskaya, 1961, 1962; Vershinina, 1972); without host plant ( Shaposhnikov, 1964; Heie, 1994). PABG: Ribes rubrum ( Buga, 1999)  . LRCh: Ribes rubrum (Stekolshchikov, 2012)  .

Material. PABG: Ribes rubrum  , 10.vii.1962, fund. and al. nym. [13.vii.1962, em.]; Ribes  sp., 16.vii.1962, fund. and apt.; Ribes alpinum  L., 15.vii.1962, fund. and al. nym. [19–24.vii.1962, em.] (GSh+LN). PABG: Ribes rubrum  , 17.vii.1998, em. (SB). LRCh: Ribes rubrum  , 1.vii.2004, fund. ( AS). Kan: Rhinanthus  sp., 18.vii.2005, apt. and al. ( AS).

Hyperomyzus (Neonasonovia) hieracii (Börner, 1939) 

Published information. LRCh: Hieracium  sp. ( Stekolshchikov & Buga, 2006; Stekolshchikov, 2012).

Material. LRCh: Hieracium  sp.,, imm. of fund. [2.vii.2004, fund.; 10–13.vii.2004, apt.]. LRCh: Hieracium  sp., 18.vii.2004, apt. and imm. [3–6.viii.2004, apt. and ovip.] ( AS).

* Hyperomyzus (Neonasonovia) zirnitsi Hille Ris Lambers, 1952 

Material. PABG  : Ribes rubrum  , 17.vii.1998, apt. (SB).

Comments. Collected specimens differ from existing descriptions of apterous females of H. (N.) zirnitsi  by longer setae (length of the longest seta on 3rd antennal serment 28–33 (30), ratio of the length to basal diameter—0.85– 1.00 (0.91)).

Macrosiphoniella abrotani (Walker, 1852) 

Material. Luv: Chamomilla recutita  (L.) Rauschert, 30.vii.2002, apt. ( AS).

Macrosiphoniella artemisiae (Boyer de Fonscolombe, 1841) 

Material. Kan: Artemisia  sp., 18.vii.2005, apt. ( AS).

Macrosiphoniella millefolii (De Geer, 1773) 

Published information. MP: Achillea  sp. ( Shaposhnikov, 1964; Heie, 1995). LRCh: Achillea millefolium  L. (Stekolshchikov, 2012).

Material. PABG: Achillea millefolium  , 26.vii.1962, al.; 30.vii.1962, apt. and al. (GSh). Luv: Achillea millefolium  , 17.vii.2002, apt. ( AS). LRCh: Achillea millefolium  , 10.vii.2004, apt. ( AS).

Macrosiphoniella tanacetaria (Kaltenbach, 1843) 

Material. Luv: Tanacetum vulgare  L., 17.vii.2002, apt. and al.; Chamomilla recutita  , 30.vii.2002, apt.; Leucanthemum vulgare Lam.  , 18.vii.2005, al. ( AS). Kan : Tanacetum vulgare    , 4.vii.2005, apt. and al. (VZh).

Macrosiphum cholodkovskyi (Mordvilko, 1909) 

Published information. Kir: Epilobium angustifolium  , Trollius europaeus  L. ( Fridolin, 1936). LRP and LRCh: Filipendula ulmaria (Stekolshchikov, 2012).

Material. Luv: Filipendula ulmaria, 20.vii.2002, al. and imm. [22–24.vii.2002, apt.], 19. vii.2 0 0 3, apt.; Angelica archangelica  (accidentally), 3.viii.2004, apt. ( AS +ESh). LRCh: Filipendula ulmaria  , and, fund.; 7.vii.2004, apt. ( AS)  . LRP: Filipendula ulmaria, 9.vii.2005, apt. and al. ( AS)  .

Comments. Since E. angustifolium  and T. europaeus  are unusial host plants for M. cholodkovskyi Fridolin  should have seen specimens of M. rosae (Linnaeus, 1758)  and M. trollii Börner, 1950  , respectively.

Macrosiphum chukotense Stekoshchikov & Khruleva, 2015 

Published information. LRP and LRCh: Arabis arenosa  , Brassicaceae  , Epilobium angustifolium  , Hieracium vulgatum Fries  , Hieracium  sp., Potentilla palustris, Rubus  chamaemorus (Stekolshchikov, 2012, as Macrosiphum euphorbiae (Thomas, 1878))  . Macrosiphum solanifolia Ashmead  has been noted from Murmansk province from Malus cerasifera Spach  by Novitskaya (1962) and Vershinina (1972) most likely belongs to this species.

Material. PXS: Raphanus sativus  , 19.viii.1950, apt. and al. ( UN)  . PABG: Malus  sp., 25.vii.1958, apt. ( LN)  . Ap: Malus domestica Borkh.  , 12.vii.1962, apt. (GSh). Luv : sweeping  , 21.viii.1993, al.; light trap, 15.ix.2003, male; Angelica archangelica  , 31.vii.2004, apt. (AP+ AS +ESh). LRCh: Brassicaceae    ,, imm. of fund. [, fund;. 5.vii.2004, apt.]; Hieracium  sp.,, fund. and imm. [, fund. and apt.]; Epilobium angustifolium  ,, fund.; Arabis arenosa  ,, fund.; Potentilla palustris    , 7.vii.2004, apt.; Rubus chamaemorus  , 10.vii.2004, apt.; Hieracium  sp., 18.vii.2004, apt. and imm. [19.vii.2004, apt.] ( AS). LRP: Epilobium angustifolium    , 4.vii.2005, apt. and al.; Hieracium vulgatum  , 12.vii.2005, apt. ( AS). Koa : Epilobium angustifolium    , 6.vii.1998, fund. ( SB)  . 35SMon: unknown Brassicaceae  , 9.vii.1998, apt.; unknown Asteraceae  , 9.vii.1998, apt. ( SB)  .

Comments. M. chukotense  was described from Chukotka, where it is monoecious on herbaceous plants of many families (the species was the most common aphid species in the study area). It is morphologically very similar to Macrosiphum euphorbiae (Thomas, 1878)  . M. chukotense  differs from M. euphorbiae  only by a large number of marginal and spinal tubercles on the body. All examined apterous viviparous females from Murmansk province (including individuals, which in 2012 have been identified by Stekolschikov as M. euphorbiae  ) have a high number of marginal and spinal tubercles (10–20 tubercles, average 15.7) and with a high degree of probability belong to M. chukotense  . This is confirmed by numerous fundatrices collected on herbaceous plants, indicating that we were dealing with a monoecious species rather than Macrosiphum euphorbiae  which is dioecious or anholocyclic. At the same time, further research is needed to allow us to understand the status and relationship of both species ( Stekolshchikov, 2017).

Macrosiphum daphnidis Börner, 1940 

Material. Luv: Daphne mezereum  L., 22.vii.2002, apt. and al.; 3.vii.2004, apt. and imm. [8–21.viii.2004, apt., males and ovip.] ( AS)  .

Macrosiphum dryopteridis (Holman, 1959) 

Published information. Khi: without host plant ( Shaposhnikov, 1964; Heie, 1994, as Sitobion dryopteridis (Holman))  . LRCh: Dryopteris dilatata (Hoffm.) A. Gray (Stekolshchikov, 2012)  .

Material. Khi: Pteridophyta, without date, ovip. (VF). Kir: Pteris  sp., without date, ovip. (VF). PABG: Athyrium alpestre (Hoppe) Clairv.  (shaking off), 22.vii.1962, apt. (GSh). LRCh: Dryopteris dilatata  , 21.vii.2004, apt. ( AS).

Macrosiphum lapponicum Shaposhnikov, 1964 

Published information. Khi:? Athyrium alpestre  ( Shaposhnikov, 1964; Heie, 1994).

Material. PABG  : Athyrium alpestre  (shaking off), 19.vii.1962, apt. (GSh).

Macrosiphum nasonovi Mordvilko, 1919 

Published information. Kir: Vaccinium uliginosum ( Fridolin, 1936)  . LRCh: Vaccinium vitis-idaea (Stekolshchikov, 2012)  .

Material. PABG: Vaccinium myrtillus  (shaking off), 22.vii.1962, apt. (GSh). LRCh: Vaccinium vitis-idaea  ,, imm. of fund. [23–, fund.];, fund. and imm. [1.vii.2004, apt.] ( AS).

Macrosiphum rosae (Linnaeus, 1758) 

Published information. MP: Rosa × rugosa Thunb. ( Novitskaya, 1962; Vershinina, 1972); without host plant ( Shaposhnikov, 1964; Heie, 1994; Rak et al., 2007). MP (greenhouse): without host plants ( Vershinina & Rak, 1993; Rak & Litvinova, 2010). PABG: Rosa acicularis Lindl., Rosa canina L., Rosa davidii Crép, Rosa glauca, Rosa  mollis Sm., Rosa pulverulenta M. Bieb., Rosa villosa L. ( Buga, 1999); Rosa sp. (greenhouse) ( Rak et al., 2001); without host plants (greenhouse) ( Rak, 2008).

Material. Ap: Rosa sp., 12.vii.1962, apt. and al. (GSh). PABG: Rosa acicularis, Rosa canina, Rosa davidii, Rosa glauca, Rosa  mollis, Rosa pulverulenta, Rosa villosa, 16–17.vii.1998, apt. (SB). Tur: Epilobium angustifolium  , 17.vii.2002, apt. and al. (ESh). Luv: Epilobium angustifolium  , 17.vii.2002, apt. and al.; Rosa sp., 19.vii.2002, apt.; Alchemilla  sp., 29.vii.2002, apt.; light trap, 30.vii–4.viii.2003, al.;–10.vii.2005, al. ( AS +ESh). Kan: Rosa rugosa Thunb.,, apt. (AK); Epilobium angustifolium  , 5.vii.2005, apt. and al. (VZh). Ver: Rosa rugosa, 2.vii.2005, em. and apt. ( AS).

Macrosiphum rubiarctici Heikinheimo, 1946 

Material. Luv: Rubus chamaemorus, 30.vii.2002, apt. and al.; 20.vii.2006, apt. ( AS)  .

Macrosiphum trollii Börner, 1950 

Published information. MP: Trollius europaeus ( Heie, 1994)  .

Megoura viciae Buckton, 1876 

Published information. LRCh: Lathyrus pratensis  L. (Stekolshchikov, 2012).

Material. 50SMon: sweeping, 12.vii.1998, apt. (SB). Luv: Lathyrus pratensis  , 27.vii.2002 and 3.viii.2006, apt. and al.; Lathyrus maritimus var. aleuticus Greene  , 15.vii.2003, apt. and al.; 3.viii.2003, apt., al. and ovip.; 12.viii.2003, ovip.; 1.viii.2004, apt. and numerous imm. [3–12.viii.2004, apt., alatif. apt., males and ovip.]; 9.vii.2004, apt. and al.; 17.vii.2005, apt., al. and ovip.; Vicia sepium  L., 19.vii.2003, apt. (ESh+ AS). Tur: Lathyrus maritimus var. aleuticus  , 17.vii.2002, apt. and al. (ESh). Kovd: Lathyrus maritimus var. aleuticus  , 13.vii.2004, al. (VZh). LRCh: Lathyrus pratensis  , 10.vii.2004, apt. ( AS).

Metopeurum fuscoviride Stroyan, 1950 

Material. Vel: Tanacetum vulgare  , 15.vii.2004, apt. and ovip. (VZh).

Metopolophium dirhodum (Walker, 1849) 

Material. Kan: Rosa rugosa,, fund. and em. ( AK)  .

Microlophium carnosum (Buckton, 1876) 

Published information. LRCh: Urtica dioica (Stekolshchikov, 2012).

Material. LRCh: Urtica dioica, 13.vii.2004, apt. ( AS). Luv : Urtica dioica  , 31.vii.2004, apt. ( AS)  .

Nasonovia pilosellae (Börner, 1933) 

Published information. LRP and LRCh: Hieracium vulgatum  and Hieracium  sp. (Stekolshchikov, 2012). Material. LRCh: Hieracium  sp., 1.vii.2004, fund. and imm. [3–10.vii.2004, fund., apt. and al.] ( AS). LRP: Hieracium vulgatum  , 10.vii.2005, apt. and al. ( AS).

Nasonovia ribisnigri (Mosley, 1841) 

Published information. MP: without host plant ( Shaposhnikov, 1964; Heie, 1994). PABG: Ribes petraeum Wulfen ( Buga, 1999)  .

Material. 35SMon: unknown Asteraceae  , 13.vii.1998, al. (SB). PABG: Ribes petraeum  , 17.vii.1998, em. ( SB)  .

* Nasonovia (Kakimia) vannesii Stenseth, 1968 

Material. PABG: Ribes petraeum var. biebersteinii  , 11.vii.1962, em.; Ribes alpinum  , 9.vii.1962, al. nym. [13– 17.vii.1962, em.]; Ribes petraeum var. atropurpureum (C.A. Mey.) C.K. Schneid.  , 15.vii.1962, al. nym. [25.vii.1962, males] (GSh). PABG: Ribes petraeum var. biebersteinii  , 17.vii.1998, apt. (SB). Ap. Ribes rubrum  , 18.vii.1998, em. (SB).

Comments. The species was described by Stenseth (1968) from Norway on the base of a single apterous and a single alate female, and later was recorded by Heikinheimo (1990) in Finland. Aphids from the Kola Peninsula differ somewhat in a number of characteristics (such as the ratio of the ultimate rostral segment to the length of 2nd segment of hind tarsus and a number of additional setae on the ultimate rostral segment) from specimens from Norway and Finland due to geographical variability, or the collected specimens belong to an unknown taxon.

Neoamphorophora ledi (Wahlgren, 1938) 

Published information. LRP and LRCh: Ledum palustre  L. (Stekolshchikov, 2012).

Material. Luv: Ledum palustre  , 25.vii.2002, apt. ( AS)  . LRCh: Ledum palustre  ,, fund. and imm. [10.vii.2004, apt.] ( AS)  . LRP: Ledum palustre  , 9.vii.2005, apt. ( AS)  .

Rhopalomyzus (Judenkoa) lonicerae (Siebold, 1839) 

Material. Luv: Lonicera pallasii  , 22.vii.2002, gyn. and imm. [31.vii–1.viii.2002, ovip.]; light trap, 13.vii.2003, em. ( AS +ESh)  .

Rhopalosiphoninus (Pseudorhopalosiphoninus) calthae (Koch, 1854) 

Published information. LRCh: Caltha palustris  L. (Stekolshchikov, 2012).

Material. LRCh: Caltha palustris  ,, imm. [4.vii.2004, fund.; 10.vii.2004, apt.] ( AS). Luv : Caltha palustris    , 29.vii.2006, dead apt. ( AS)  .

Sitobion avenae (Fabricius, 1775) 

Published information. Khi: Festuca ovina  L. ( Fridolin, 1935); Calamagrostis canadensis (Michx.) P. Beauv.  , Deschampsia flexuosa  (L.) Trin., Festuca ovina  , Phalaris arundinacea  L. ( Fridolin, 1936); Poaceae  , Festuca ovina  , Deschampsia flexuosa  , Phalaris arundinacea ( Znamenskaya, 1941)  . MP: Poaceae ( Znamenskaya, 1962)  ; without host plant ( Shaposhnikov, 1964, as Macrosiphum (Sitobion)  avenae; Heie, 1994). LRCh: Poaceae (Stekolshchikov, 2012)  .

Material. Khi: Hordeum  sp., 8.viii.1938, apt. and al.; 15.viii.1938, apt.; Triticum  sp., 15.viii.1938, apt.; 16.viii.1938, al.; without date, apt. (UN + KU +ST). Luv: Elymus repens  , 19.vii.2002, apt. and al. nym. [20– 24.vii.2002, al.]; Agrostis gigantea Roth  , 2.viii.2004, apt. and imm. [4.viii.2004, apt. and al.]; light trap, 30.vii– 4.viii.2003, 23.viii.2003, 1–15.vii.2004 and 7.viii.2004, al. ( AS +ESh). Vel: Elymus repens  , 24.vii.2004, apt. and al. (VZh). LRCh: Poaceae  , 11.vii.2004, al. ( AS). 5NMon: sweeping, 9.vii.1998, apt. (SB). 20SMon: sweeping, 9.vii.1998, apt. (SB).

Uroleucon cichorii (Koch, 1855) 

Material. Ap: Taraxacum  sp., 15.vii.2005, apt. and al. ( AS).

Uroleucon obscurum (Koch, 1855) 

Published information. MP: Hieracium  spp. ( Heie, 1995). LRCh: Hieracium  sp. (Stekolshchikov, 2012). Material. Luv: Hieracium  sp., 19.vii.2002, apt., al., males and ovip.; 30.vii.2004, apt. ( AS). LRCh: Hieracium  sp., 7.vii.2004, fund.; 18.vii.2004, apt. and al. ( AS).

Uroleucon sonchi (Linnaeus, 1767) 

Material. Luv: Sonchus oleraceus  , 19.vii.2002, apt. and al. ( AS). Kovd : Sonchus arvensis  L  ., 8.vii.2004, apt. (VZh).

Uroleucon tanaceti (Linnaeus, 1758) 

Material. Kan: Tanacetum vulgare  , 18.vii.2005, apt. and al. ( AS)  .

Uroleucon (Uromelan) aeneum (Hille Ris Lambers, 1939) 

Material. Luv: Carduus crispus  L., 19.vii.2002, apt. and al.; 11.vii.2003, apt. ( AS +ESh)  .

Uroleucon (Uromelan) campanulae (Kaltenbach, 1843) 

Published information. Khi: Campanula rotundifolia L. ( Fridolin, 1936, as Megalosiphon campanulae  ).

Material. Tur: Campanula rotundifolia, 17.vii.2002, apt. and al. (ESh). Luv : Campanula rotundifolia  , 30.vii.2004, apt. and imm. [31.vii–6.viii.2004, apt. and males] ( AS). Vel : Campanula rotundifolia  , 11.vii.2004, apt. (VZh).

Uroleucon (Uromelan) jaceae (Linnaeus, 1758) 

Published information. MP: Centaurea  spp. ( Heie, 1995).

Uroleucon (Uromelan) simile (Hille Ris Lambers, 1935) 

Published information. MP: Erigeron spp. ( Heie, 1995).

Uroleucon (Uromelan) solidaginis (Fabricius, 1779) 

Published information. Khi: Solidago virgaurea L. ( Fridolin, 1936, as Macrosiphum solidaginis Fabricius  ). MP: Solidago virgaurea and Solidago virgaurea lapponica (With.) Tzvelev, as Solidago lapponica With. ( Shaposhnikov, 1964, as Dactynotus (Uromelan)  solidaginis). MP: Solidago virgaurea ( Heie, 1995). LRP and LRCh: Solidago virgaurea lapponica, Saussurea alpina  (L.) DC (Stekolshchikov, 2012).

Material. Khi: Solidago sp., 20.vii.1931, apt.; Solidago?, 26.vii.1931, apt. (AM). Mvou: Solidago virgaurea, 10.vii.1962, fund. and apt. (GSh). 20SMon: Solidago virgaurea, 14.vii.1998, fund. (SB). Luv: Solidago virgaurea, 19.vii.2002, apt. and al.; 28.vii.2006, apt., al. and imm. [3.viii.2006, apt. and male] ( AS). LRCh: Solidago virgaurea lapponica,, imm. [21–, fund.];, fund. and imm. [2–4.vii.2004, apt.] ( AS). LRP: Solidago virgaurea lapponica, 4.vii.2005, apt. and al.; Saussurea alpina  , 9.vii.2005, apt. ( AS).

Uroleucon (Uromelan) taraxaci (Kaltenbach, 1843) 

Material. Luv: Taraxacum officinale Weber  , 26.vii.2002, apt. ( AS).

Utamphorophora vibei (Hille Ris Lambers, 1952) 

Material. Pol: Poaceae  , sweeping, viii.1931, mummified apt. (AM).

Wahlgreniella lampeli Rupais, 1985 

Published information. nMur: Empetrum hermaphroditum ( Rupais, 1985)  .

Wahlgreniella ossiannilssoni Hille Ris Lambers, 1949 

Published information. Khi: Arctostaphylos uva-ursi  ( Shaposhnikov, 1964; Heie, 1995). LRP and LRCh: Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (Stekolshchikov, 2012)  .

Material. PABG: Arctostaphylos uva-ursi  , 15.vii.1962, apt.; 29.vii.1962, apt. (GSh). 1NMon: Vacciniaceae  , 5.vii.1998, apt. (SB). 12SMon: Arctostaphylos uva-ursi  , 5.vii.1998, apt. (SB). Luv: Arctostaphylos uva-ursi  , 29.vii.2002, apt. and ovip. ( AS). LRCh: Arctostaphylos uva-ursi  ,, fund. and imm. [2–7.vii.2004, apt.] ( AS). LRP: Arctostaphylos uva-ursi  , 12.vii.2005, apt. ( AS).

Wahlgreniella vaccinii (Theobald, 1924) 

Published information. Khi: without host plant ( Shaposhnikov, 1964; Heie, 1995). LRCh: Vaccinium uliginosum (Stekolshchikov, 2012)  .

Material. Llm: Vaccinium vitis-idaea  (shaking off), 27.vii.1962, apt. and al. (GSh). PABG: Vaccinium vitis-idaea  (shaking off), 30.vii.1962, apt. and al. nym. [3.viii.1962, al.] (GSh). Luv: Arctostaphylos uva-ursi  , 29.vii.2002, apt. and ovip. ( AS). LRCh: Vaccinium uliginosum  ,, imm. [1.vii.2004, apt.] ( AS). 5SMon: Vaccinium vitisidaea  , 7.vii.1998, apt. (SB).


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Stekolshchikov, Andrey V. & Buga, Sergey V. 2018

Wahlgreniella lampeli

Rupais 1985

Empetrum hermaphroditum (

Rupais 1985

Nasonovia (Kakimia) vannesii

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Macrosiphum lapponicum

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