Stekolshchikov, Andrey V. & Buga, Sergey V., 2018, The aphid fauna (Hemiptera, Sternorrhyncha, Aphidomorpha) of Murmansk province (Russia), with description of Aphis khrulevi sp. nov. and Dysaphis karyakini sp. nov. and males of Chaitophorus n, Zootaxa 4527 (4), pp. 451-493: 466-467

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Subtribe APHIDINA 

Aphis acetosae Linnaeus, 1761 

Material. Tur: Rumex thyrsiflorus Fingerh.  , 17.vii.2002, apt., al. and ovip. (ESh). Luv: Rumex thyrsiflorus  , 10.vii.2003, apt. and al.; 28.vii.2003, apt., al. and apterous male (ESh). Kovd: Rumex thyrsiflorus  , 13.vii.2004, apt. (VZh).

Aphis astragali Ossiannilsson, 1959 

Material. PABG: Oxytropis sordida (Willd.) Pers.  , 15.vii.1962, apt. (GSh). Tur: Oxytropis sordida  , 17.vii.2002, apt. and al. (ESh).

Comments. It seems, this aphid species have been noted by Fridolin (1936) as Aphis craccae Linnaeus  on Oxytropis sordida  and Astragalus alpinus arcticus Lindm. Fridolin  collected these aphids from Astragalinae and describes them as black in a white waxy pulverulence, which is typical for Aphis astragali  while Aphis craccae  during life have gray or bluish-gray pulverulence.

Aphis brohmeri Börner, 1952 

Material. Luv: Anthriscus sylvestris  (L.) Hoffm., 17.vii.2002, apt. ( AS).

Aphis callunae Theobald, 1915 

Published information. LRP and LRCh: Calluna vulgaris  (L.) Hull (Stekolshchikov, 2012).

Material. LRCh: Calluna vulgaris  , 22.vii.2004, fund., apt., male and imm. [1–12.viii.2004, apt., ovip. and males] ( AS). LRP: Calluna vulgaris    , 8.vii.2005, apt. and al. nym. [11–17.vii.2005, al.] ( AS)  .

Aphis comari Prior et Stroyan, 1977 

Published information. LRCh: Potentilla palustris  (L.) Scop. (Stekolshchikov, 2012).

Material. LRCh: Potentilla palustris  , 22.vi.2004, imm. of fund. [25–26.vi.2004, fund.; 2–6.vii.2004, apt. and al.] ( AS)  .

Aphis craccae Linnaeus, 1758 

Published information. MP: without host plant ( Shaposhnikov, 1964).

Material. PABG: Vicia cracca  L., 17.vii.1962, fund., apt. and al. (GSh). Ap: Vicia cracca  , 18.vii.1998, apt. (SB). Luv: Vicia cracca  , 24.vii.2002, apt., al., ovip. and males; 1.viii.2004, apt. ( AS). Kan: Vicia cracca  , 9.viii.2005, apt. (AK).

Aphis craccivora Koch, 1854 

Material. Luv: Atriplex  sp., 30.vii.2002, apt. ( AS).

Aphis fabae Scopoli, 1763 

Published information. PABG (greenhouse): without host plants ( Rak et al., 2007; Rak, 2008). MP (greenhouse): without host plants ( Rak & Litvinova, 2010).

Comments. There is no certainty that the authors had dealt with this species so as correct identification aphids which belong to „black Aphis  “ group is dufficult even for aphidologists.

Aphis farinosa J.F. Gmelin, 1790 

Published information. LRP and LRCh: Salix caprea  and Salix  sp. (Stekolshchikov, 2012).

Material. Koa: Salix caprea  , 6.vii.1998, fund. ( SB). Ap : Salix  sp  ., 18.vii.1998, al. ( SB). Luv : Salix caprea    , 27.vii.2002, apt., al., males and ovip. ( AS)  . LRCh: Salix caprea  , 2.vii.2004, fund. ( AS)  . LRP: Salix  sp., 5.vii.2005, fund., al., males and ovip. ( AS)  . Kan: Salix schwerinii E. Wolf  , 16.vii.2005, apt., al., male and ovip. ( AS)  .

Aphis frangulae Kaltenbach, 1845 

Material. Tur: Epilobium angustifolium  L., 17.vii.2002, apt. (ESh). Luv : Epilobium angustifolium    , 16– 19.vii.2006, apt. and al. ( AS)  .


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