Homaeotarsus (Gastrolobium) bicolor (Gravenhorst, 1802)**

Webster, Reginald P. & DeMerchant, Ian, 2012, New Staphylinidae (Coleoptera) records with new collection data from New Brunswick, Canada: Paederinae, ZooKeys 186, pp. 273-292: 284

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Homaeotarsus (Gastrolobium) bicolor (Gravenhorst, 1802)**


Homaeotarsus (Gastrolobium) bicolor (Gravenhorst, 1802)**   Map 16

Material examined.

New Brunswick, Carleton Co., Belleville, Meduxnekeag River Valley Nature Preserve, 46.1944°N, 67.6832°W, 2.VI.2008, R. P. Webster, river margin, under cobblestone in sand/gravel among scattered grasses (1, RWC).

Collection and habitat data.

Homaeotarus   are generally riparian and occur along river margins ( Brunke et al. 2011). The single adult of Homaeotarsus bicolor   from New Brunswick was collected from under a cobblestone along a river margin during early June.

Distribution in Canada and Alaska.

ON, QC, NB ( Campbell and Davies 1991).