Dendrocerus?floridanus (Ashmead, 1881)

Broad, Gavin R. & Livermore, Laurence, 2014, Checklist of British and Irish Hymenoptera - Ceraphronoidea, Biodiversity Data Journal 2, pp. 1167-1167: 1167

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Dendrocerus?floridanus (Ashmead, 1881)


Dendrocerus?floridanus (Ashmead, 1881)  

Chirocerus floridanus   Ashmead, 1881

Lygocerus semiramosus   (Kieffer, 1907, Lygocerus   )

Lygocerus longispinus   (Yasumatsu & Moritsu, 1947, Lygocerus   )


Provisionally included on the British and Irish list on the basis of Dessart (1978), who synonymised Lygocerus semiramosus   (described from a British specimen) under Dendrocerus floridanus   . Although Fergusson (1980) listed Lygocerus semiramosus   as a junior synonym of Dendrocerus serricornis   , it was retained as a junior synonym of Dendrocerus floridanus   by Johnson and Musetti (2004), albeit with the comment that this 'difference in taxonomic judgement has not yet been resolved’.