Obscurini Fibiger

FIBIGER, MICHAEL, 2010, Revision of the Micronoctuidae (Lepidoptera: Noctuoidea) Part 3, Taxonomy of the Tactusinae, Zootaxa 2583 (1), pp. 1-119: 58-59

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http://doi.org/ 10.11646/zootaxa.2583.1.1

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Obscurini Fibiger

new tribe

Tribe Obscurini Fibiger   , new tribe

Type genus: Obscura   , new genus.

Taxonomic notes. The tribe Obscurini   , new tribe, includes eight new genera, Abes   , Asyprocessa   , Tantulius   , Asylemissa   , Clarior   , Obscura   , Editum   , and Asytegumen   , altogether with 15 new species. The descriptions below reflect the phylogenetic sequence of the taxa in Obscurini   . It is possible to identify an Obscurini   specimen as a member of Micronoctuidae   , but generally it is difficult by external characters to recognise it as belonging to Obscurini   ; only a careful examination of the genitalia can place a specimen in the tribe.

Diagnosis. Character states of tribe Obscurini   with synapomorphies indicated by (apo.) described in detail under family Micronoctuidae   , subfamily Tactusinae   , and briefly under genera below, avoiding most repetitions from higher taxa. Most important characters for tribe are:

- on average smaller size;

- apically rounded shape of ampulla (apo.);

- anterior edge of valva and ampulla T-shaped (apo.);

- digitus absent (apo.).

Differential diagnosis. Species of Obscurini   differ from those of Tactusini   in several character states, e.g., on average smaller species; apically rounded shape of ampulla plate; absence of digitus; usually with shorter phallus; and usually with shorter antrum. Distribution. Tropical, subtropical, and temperate areas of Oriental Region.