Asyprocessa spinus Fibiger

FIBIGER, MICHAEL, 2010, Revision of the Micronoctuidae (Lepidoptera: Noctuoidea) Part 3, Taxonomy of the Tactusinae, Zootaxa 2583 (1), pp. 1-119: 63-64

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.2583.1.1

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Asyprocessa spinus Fibiger

new species

Asyprocessa spinus Fibiger   , new species

( Plate 7, figure 8; male genit. plate 17, figure 3)

Material examined. Holotype: Male, Malaysia W, Penang, Telok Bahar , 14.xii.1984, leg. R. M. Pearson, Brit. Mus. 1986 – 354, genit. prep. 3209 M. Fibiger, coll. BMNH.  

Diagnosis. Imago (external). Wingspan: 8–10 mm.

Head, patagia, tegulae, thorax, and ground colour of forewing: grey, suffused with black scales (apo.).

Basal part of costa, costal part of medial area, and fringes: indistinct patches of grey black (apo.).

Crosslines: antemedial, postmedial, and subterminal line well marked, brown (apo.).

Reniform stigma: narrow, small, yellow.

Hindwing: light grey, with indistinct discal spot.

Underside: forewing grey brown; hindwing grey, with discal spot.

Male genitalia. Vinculum: dorsally reduced to a prominent, narrow, sticklike structure.

Sacculus: asymmetrical; long, curved spinelike process on right side; small, narrow, triangular plate on left side (apo.).

Ampulla: rather small, asymmetrical, longer than wide (apo.).

Phallus: curved to less than right angle (apo.).

Vesica: basally with slightly sclerotised plate with spinules.

Female genitalia. Unknown.

Differential diagnosis. A. spinus   differs from other Asyprocessa species   in:

- grey ground colour throughout;

- ampulla elongated, yellow;

- saccular spine curved;

- phallus smoothly curved to less than right angle.

Distribution. A. spinus   known only from W and NW Thailand.


Departamento de Geologia, Universidad de Chile