Tactusini Fibiger

FIBIGER, MICHAEL, 2010, Revision of the Micronoctuidae (Lepidoptera: Noctuoidea) Part 3, Taxonomy of the Tactusinae, Zootaxa 2583 (1), pp. 1-119: 13

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http://doi.org/ 10.11646/zootaxa.2583.1.1



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Tactusini Fibiger

new tribe

Tribe Tactusini Fibiger   , new tribe

Type genus: Tactusa   , new genus; type-species Tactusa sumatrensis Fibiger   , new species.

Taxonomic notes. The tribe consists of ten new genera: Tactusa   , Conspica   , Tumula   , Dignus   , Vas, Nigerides   , Fustis   , Bruma   , Costasensora   , and Longiantrum   ; altogether with 49 species, one of which has already been described. The descriptions below are intended to reflect the phylogenetic sequence of the genera and species. It is sometimes possible to identify a species of Tactusini   from other Micronoctuidae   by external characteristics, but at species level, careful examination of the genitalia is always required.

Diagnosis. Character states of tribe Tactusini   with synapomorphies indicated by (apo.) described in detail under subfamily Tactusinae   , briefly under genus Tactusa   . Most important character of tribe is elongated ampulla, which more or less forms a T with axis of valva (apo.).

Differential diagnosis. Species of Tactusini   differ from those of Obscurini   in several character states, e.g. species smaller; ampulla plate more or less circular in Obscurini   , elongated in Tactusini   , and antrum short.

Distribution. Tactusini   found in tropical, subtropical and temperate areas of E and SE Asian and Oriental regions.