Sinochrostia Fibiger

FIBIGER, MICHAEL, 2010, Revision of the Micronoctuidae (Lepidoptera: Noctuoidea) Part 3, Taxonomy of the Tactusinae, Zootaxa 2583 (1), pp. 1-119: 89-90

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.2583.1.1

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scientific name

Sinochrostia Fibiger

new genus

Genus Sinochrostia Fibiger   , new genus

Taxonomic notes. The external features and female genitalia place this genus systematically between Taiwania Fibiger, 2008   and Mimachrostia Sugi, 1982   , but the apomorphic features are not shared with either of these genera.

Diagnosis. Imago (external). Wingspan: 11–12 mm (apo.).

Head, thorax, and ground colour forewing, including fringes: greyish black.

Forewing: long and broad (apo.).

Reniform stigma: bright yellow, ovoid.

Crosslines: all lines present, black, terminal line marked by dense black interneural spots.

Hindwing: light grey, discal spot absent.

Underside: forewing blackish grey; hindwing grey, with indistinct discal spot.

Abdomen: grey.

Male genitalia. Unknown.

Female genitalia. Female genitalia described under type-species.

Differential diagnosis. S. hunaensis   differs from species in sister-genera Taiwania   and Mimachrostia   in narrower and more pointed apex of forewing; posterior apophyses shorter than ovipositor; 8 th abdominal segment connected by membrane to 7 th; and knoblike anterior apophyses.

Distribution. Genus Sinochrostia   is known only from SE China, Provinces Sichuan and Hunan.