Agriades Hübner,

Munguira, Miguel L., Martín, José, García-Barros, Enrique, Shahbazian, Gayaneh & Cancela, Juan Pablo, 2015, Morphology and morphometry of Lycaenid eggs (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae), Zootaxa 3937 (2), pp. 201-247: 233-234

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Agriades Hübner


Genus Agriades Hübner 

( Fig. 22View FIGURE 22 E, F and 23)

The annular zone is reduced, surrounded by very small, profound cells with a hexagonal or rounded form and undulated walls in Agriades glandon (Prunner)  ( Fig. 22View FIGURE 22 F). In A. zullichi Hemming  , the micropylar rosette has four petals with a central ridge and the rest of the annulus has cells decorated at the bottom with elongated outcrops ( Fig. 23View FIGURE 23 B). These outcrops are present in A. zullichi  but not in A. glandon  . The cells that surround the annular zone are less profound in A. zullichi  than those of A. glandon  in the few examples that have been studied. In both species the tubercle-aeropyle area consists of polygonal or rounded cells and a greater number of tubercles when further away from the annular ring. Tubercles are small, blunt and have an aeropyle at the end ( Figs. 22View FIGURE 22 E and 23 A).