Milnesium tardigradum tardigradum Doyere , 1840,

Zawierucha, Krzysztof, Dziamiecki, Jakub, Jakubowska, Natalia, Michalczyk, Lukasz & Kaczmarek, Lukasz, 2014, New tardigrade records for the Baltic states with a description of Minibiotus formosus sp. n. (Eutardigrada, Macrobiotidae), ZooKeys 408, pp. 81-105: 84

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Milnesium tardigradum tardigradum Doyere , 1840


Milnesium tardigradum tardigradum Doyere, 1840 

Localities and specimen numbers.

VIII: 31 specimens (including 6 simplexes) + 1 exuvium with 6 eggs.


Specimens correspond perfectly with the redescription by Michalczyk et al. (2012a, b). This species was reported from many localities throughout the World, however records prior to Michalczyk et al. (2012a, b) need to be verified. So far, all confirmed localities are exclusively European ( Michalczyk et al. 2012a, b).