Opisthacanthus madagascariensis,

Monod, Lionel, Duperre, Nadine & Harms, Danilo, 2019, An annotated catalogue of the scorpion types (Arachnida, Scorpiones) held in the Zoological Museum Hamburg. Part I: Parvorder Iurida Soleglad & Fet, 2003, Evolutionary Systematics 3 (2), pp. 109-200: 109

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Opisthacanthus madagascariensis


Opisthacanthus madagascariensis  Fig. 34View Figure 34

Opisthacanthus madagascariensis  Kraepelin, 1894: 120, 125-126, pl. II, fig. 44, 51

Current combination.

Opisthacanthus (Monodopisthacanthus) madagascariensis  Kraepelin, 1894


♀ ( Fig. 34 A–CView Figure 34, ZMH-A0000918), Madagascar, [Mahajanga Province], [Boeny Region], Majunga [15°43 ’00” S, 46°19 ’00” E], 1893, Lübeck Völkerkundemuseum.


♀ ( ZMH-A0001871), same data as lectotype.


Kraepelin (1894) mentioned an additional specimen from the Berlin Museum in the type material. According to the ZMB online catalogue, a paratype from Majunga is present in their collection ( ZMB/Arach-3823). This specimen is thus part of the type series and a syntype. One specimen is designated as lectotype and the other as paralectotype.

Remarks on collector.

These specimens were probably collected by P. Frey. Brancsik (1893) mentioned that Frey reached Nosy Bé from Majunga.