Stenurella bifasciata bifasciata (O. F. Mueller , 1776),

Karpinski, Lech, Szczepanski, Wojciech T., lewa, Radoslaw, Walczak, Marcin, Hilszczanski, Jacek, Kruszelnicki, Lech, Los, Krzysztof, Jaworski, Tomasz, Marek Bidas, & Tarwacki, Grzegorz, 2018, New data on the distribution, biology and ecology of the longhorn beetles from the area of South and East Kazakhstan (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae), ZooKeys 805, pp. 59-126: 68-69

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Stenurella bifasciata bifasciata (O. F. Mueller , 1776)


Stenurella bifasciata bifasciata (O. F. Mueller, 1776) 

Material examined.

East Kazakhstan Region: 3 km N of Taskesken [ Таскескен] (47°14'N, 80°47'E), 581 m a.s.l., 14 VI 2017, 1♂, leg. WTS; 1♀, leg. LK; 1♂, 1♀, leg. MW; 15 km W of Tarbagatay [ Тарбагатай] (47°46'N, 81°37'E), 1072 m a.s.l., 15 VI 2017, 1♂, 1♀ leg. WTS; 2♂♂, 1♀, leg. MW; 7 km N of Samarskoje [ Самарское] (49°05'N, 83°20'E), 626 m a.s.l., 18 VI 2017, 1♂, leg. WTS; 3♂♂, 2♀♀, leg. LK; Putintsevo [ Путинцево] env. (49°52'N, 84°21'E), 472 m a.s.l., 22 VI 2017, 1♀, leg. MW; 10 km S of Bayash Utepov [ Баяш Утепов] (49°35'N, 82°28'E), 508 m a.s.l., 25 VI 2017, 1♂, 3♀♀, leg. LK.


The nominotypical subspecies is distributed from Central Europe to East Siberia and China ( Danilevsky 2018a).

According to some authors (e.g. Bense 1995, Sama 2002), although the biology of S. bifasciata  is inadequately known, its larvae develop in both deciduous ( Ulmus  , Quercus  , Salix  , Rosa  , Spartium  , Ficus  ) and coniferous ( Pinus  ) trees. Although our own observations from Central Europe indicate its close relationship with pines Pinus  spp., in Kazakhstan, we also collected this species in completely treeless areas in which the only suitable host plant was the rose Rosa  sp. We did not observe any morphological differences between the specimens from the semi-steppe habitats, which are apparently associated with Rosa  , or from the Kazakh mountain forests having a share of Pinus  , or from Poland.