Macrostemum trigramma (Navás 1916), Navas, 1916

França, Diogo, Paprocki, Henrique & Calor, Adolfo R., 2013, The genus Macrostemum Kolenati 1859 (Trichoptera: Hydropsychidae) in the Neotropical Region: Description of two new species, taxonomic notes, distributional records and key to males, Zootaxa 3716 (3), pp. 301-335: 329

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Macrostemum trigramma (Navás 1916)


Macrostemum trigramma (Navás 1916)   nomen dubium

Macronema trigramma Navás 1916: 29   [type locality: Brazil, Nueva Friburgo; type depository unknown (“collection Navás, now lost?”, Flint et al. 1999); ♀].

Macrostemum trigramma (Navás 1916)   ; Flint et al. 1999: 69 [taxonomic notes; distribution]; Paprocki et al. 2004: 8 [distribution]; Dumas et al. 2009: 359 [distribution].

Macronema pullatum (Navás, 1932)   : 64, 65 [type locality: Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Barão Homem de Mello; DEI; ♀]; Flint & Bueno-Soria 1982: 369 [synonym of Macrostemum trigramma   ].

The holotype of this species was not available for study and specimens were not examined. The information for this species is from Navás (1916).

Synopsis. Adult. Head black. Compound eyes brown. Scapes black. Maxillary palps with first three articles yellowish-red and rest black. Prothorax black. Meso- and metathorax black. Legs brown. Tibial spur formula 1,4, 4. Forewings mostly dark, each with three longitudinal spots; discoidal cell present.

Material examined. None.

Remarks. The diagnosis provided in the original description is not sufficient to distinguish this species from those presently known in Macrostemum   .

Distribution. Brazil (RJ).