Anastatus (Anastatus) Motschulsky

Chen, Yong-Ming, Gibson, Gary A. P., Peng, Ling-Fei, Iqbal, Asim & Zang, Lian-Sheng, 2019, Anastatus Motschulsky (Hymenoptera, Eupelmidae): egg parasitoids of Caligula japonica Moore (Lepidoptera, Saturniidae) in China, ZooKeys 881, pp. 109-134: 113

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Anastatus (Anastatus) Motschulsky


Anastatus (Anastatus) Motschulsky  

Anastatus   Motschulsky, 1859: 116. Type species: Anastatus mantoidae   Motschulsky, by monotypy.

Anastatus (Anastatus)   ; Gibson 1995: 105, 111.


For a complete listing of the extensive generic synonymy of Anastatus   see Gibson (1995) and Noyes (2019). Bouček (1977) recognized two subgenera in Anastatus   , the nominate subgenus and A. (Cladanastatus)   Bouček, 1979). Currently, the nominate subgenus comprises all presently described species except for the type species of A. (Cladanastatus)   . Females and males of Anastatus   and A. (Anastatus)   can be distinguished from those of other genera of Eupelminae  using the key by Gibson (1995).