Chalastonepsia hokkaidensis Kallweit, 1998

Ševčík, Jan & Hippa, Heikki, 2010, New species of Chalastonepsia and Pectinepsia gen. nov. (Diptera: Mycetophilidae) from the Oriental and Australasian Regions, Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 50 (2), pp. 595-608 : 605-606

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Chalastonepsia hokkaidensis Kallweit, 1998


Chalastonepsia hokkaidensis Kallweit, 1998

( Figs. 16–17 View Figs )

Material examined. JAPAN: HOKKAIDO: Otaru, Okusawa-Suigenchi area , 27.–28.viii.1996, 1J (holotype, MTD) . TAIWAN: Nantou, Jenai Chunyang ,–6.vii.1998, 1J, leg. C. S. Lin & W.T. Yang, Malaise trap ( NMNS).N.W . THAILAND: Chiang Mai Prov., Queen Sirikit Botanic Gardens , 300–700 m, N 18 53.306 E 98 51.432, Malaise trap, vii.2006, 1 J, leg. M. V. L. Barclay & H. Mendel ( BMNH) ; Chiang Mai Prov., Doi Pha Hom Pok , 2000 m, 20°7.644′N 99°8.89′E, Malaise trap, 24.–30.vii.2006, 1J, leg. M. V. L. Barclay & H. Mendel, BMNH (E) 2006-128 ( BMNH) GoogleMaps ; THAILAND, Phitsanulok, Thung Salaeng Luang NP, mixed deciduous forest, 16°50.563′N 100°51.757′E, 481 m, Malaise trap, 11.–18.ix.2006, 3 JJ, Pongpitak Pranee leg., T927 ( QSBG) GoogleMaps ; THAILAND, Chiang Mai, Doi Phahompok NP, Kiewlom 1: Montane Forest , 20°3.455ʹN 99°8.551ʹE, 2174 m, Malaise trap, 7.–14.viii.2007, 7 JJ, Komwuan Srisom & Prasit Wongchai leg., T2805 ( QSBG) GoogleMaps ; THAILAND, Kamphaeng Phet, Mae Wong NP Chong Yen , 16°5.968′N 99°6.472′E, 1306 m, Malaise trap, 3.–10.ix.2007, 1 J, 1.–8.x.2007, 4 JJ 1 ♀, Chumpol Piluk & Aram Inpuang leg., T2812, T2816 ( QSBG) GoogleMaps ; THAILAND, Chiang Mai, Doi Chiang Dao NP, Nature trail, 19°24.278′N 98°55.311′E, 491 m, Malaise trap, 7.–14.x.2007, 4 JJ, Songkran & Apichart leg. T3175 ( QSBG) GoogleMaps . INDONESIA: SUMATERA UTARA: Semangat Gunung, 1300 m, 16.iii.1992, 4 JJ, Malaise trap in jungle, H. Hippa leg. ( SMNH). SULAWESI: Mogonipa Summit , 1000 m,–4.vii.1985, 1 J, Malaise trap ( BMNH) . MALAYSIA:

PAHANG: Cameron Highlands , Malaise trap 2, 1300 m, 15.–20.xi.1994, 1 J 1 ♀, T. Pape leg. ( NHRS) ; Cameron Highlands, Robinson Falls, 26.i.2009, 1 J, J. Ševčík leg. ( JSOC). SABAH: Danum Valley , 18.xii.1986 – 18.i.1987, 1 J, Malaise trap, M. Still leg. ( BMNH). BRUNEI: Ulu Temburong, 9.iii.1982, 2 JJ, Malaise trap, M. C. Day leg. ( BMNH). PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Mt. Kaindi , 2350 m, 5.vii.1971, 3 JJ, Malaise trap, Tawi leg. ( BPBM) .

Description of female. Similar to male, except for antennae and terminalia. All flagellomeres simple, slightly prolonged anteriorly, at most 2.5 times as broad as long ( Fig. 16 View Figs ). Terminalia as in Fig. 17 View Figs . Cercus II small, about six times shorter than cercus I. Gonocoxite 8 apically rounded from lateral view.

Variation. We noted a considerable variation in body size. The specimens from Papua New Guinea are the largest and also differ from the others in having dark brown legs.

Distribution. This species has hitherto been known only from the holotype male collected in Japan. The above mentioned records suggest that it is a relatively common and widely distributed species throughout the Oriental Region to Papua New Guinea.


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