Longino, J. T., 2003, The Crematogaster (Hymenoptera, Formicidae, Myrmicinae) of Costa Rica., Zootaxa 151, pp. 1-150: 130

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[[ Crematogaster   HNS   (forms with deep propodeal suture) ]]

The distinctive feature of these forms is a deeply invaginated propodeal suture and an elevated and compressed dorsal face of propodeum. From my cursory examination, goeldii   HNS   , stigmatica   HNS   , and unciata   HNS   were very similar. They were bicolored, with red brown head and mesosoma and contrasting black gaster. The anteroventral petiolar tooth was moderately well developed and the pilosity was much like torosa   HNS   . The types of chodati   HNS   were uniform red brown, and the setae on the mesosoma and fourth abdominal tergite were longer and less flattened. The types of heathi   HNS   had the coloration of goeldii   HNS   and the pilosity of chodati   HNS   . The invaginated propodeal suture is itself a variable character, grading into the condition seen in crinosa   HNS   and torosa   HNS   , and so the discussion regarding the forms with striate face applies here as well. Crematogaster goeldii   HNS   and related forms may be synonyms of other species, multiple distinct species, or one variable species.