Oribatella yukonensis Behan-Pelletier and Walter, 2012,

Behan-Pelletier, Valerie M. & Lindo, Zoë, 2019, Checklist of oribatid mites (Acari: Oribatida) of Canada and Alaska, Zootaxa 4666 (1), pp. 1-180: 117

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Oribatella yukonensis Behan-Pelletier and Walter, 2012


Oribatella yukonensis Behan-Pelletier and Walter, 2012 

Geographic Location: YT: Carcross Dunes; Herschel Is.; Running River, 68°57.5’N, 137°17’W; Klondike Highway, ca. 108 km N intersection with Alaska Hwy; Dempster Hwy km 210N, Ogilvie River; Richardson Mtns, Summit Lake, 67°43’N, 136°30’W; Blow River, 68°56’N, 137°06’W; AB: ABMI-2 (60.00878143, -112.146973), 10 km SW of Fort Smith, NT; ABMI-344 (57.95811844, -115.978279) 10 km SE of Buffalo Head Prairie; ABMI-359 (57.45488358, -111.054222), 13 km E of McClelland Lake; ABMI-690 (55.78954315, -114.290833), 30 km SW of Wabasca-Demarais; ABMI-825 (54.8119545, - 111.665276), 11 km SE of Tweedle; ABMI-867 (55.09334183, -118.651749), 12 km SE of Grande Prairie; ABMI-1069 (53.91085815, -117.963562), 20 km N of Pinto Creek Canyon Natural Area; ABMI-1133 (53.56852341, -118.216782), 30 km SW of Pinto Creek Canyon Natural Area; ABMI-1232 (52.96974945, -117.215393), NE of Mountain Park; ABMI-1402 (51.70927429, -115.120628) 20 km SE of Bearberry; Cypress Hills PP, Lodgepole pine Campground area, 1 mi S Elkwater; Johnson Canyon; Roy Berg Kinsella Research Ranch; Waterton Lakes NP, Tamarack Trail, elevation 2438m, ( Behan-Pelletier & Walter 2012); ABMI Sites ( Walter et al. 2014).

Habitats: coastal tundra; dry habitats and upland aspen and spruce forests; semi-stabilized dunes with grass, sedge, Polemonium  , Stellaria  ; rose and willow litter with moss and lichens.

Distribution: Canada.