Cultroribula dentata Willmann, 1950,

Behan-Pelletier, Valerie M. & Lindo, Zoë, 2019, Checklist of oribatid mites (Acari: Oribatida) of Canada and Alaska, Zootaxa 4666 (1), pp. 1-180: 74

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Cultroribula dentata Willmann, 1950


Cultroribula dentata Willmann, 1950 

Geographic Location: AK: Fort Richardson ( Hammer 1955a); northwest coastal region; Brooks Range; Fairbanks Region ( Behan 1978a); YT: Richardson Mtns ( Hammer 1952a); Herschel Is. ( Behan 1978a; Behan & Hill 1978); Coastal Plain; Porcupine Plain; Ogilvie Mtns ( Behan-Pelletier 1997b); NT: Mackenzie Delta arctic and subarctic ( Behan 1978a).

Habitats: tussock tundra.

Distribution: Holarctic.

Remarks: This species was transferred to Furcoppia Balogh and Mahunka, 1983  by Subías (2004), without justification. Pending further study, it is retained in Cultroribula  herein to avoid confusion, as Grobler (2003) described Furcoppia dentata Grobler, 2003  from South Africa.