Eueremaeus oblongus (C.L. Koch, 1835 ),

Behan-Pelletier, Valerie M. & Lindo, Zoë, 2019, Checklist of oribatid mites (Acari: Oribatida) of Canada and Alaska, Zootaxa 4666 (1), pp. 1-180: 71

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Eueremaeus oblongus (C.L. Koch, 1835 )


Eueremaeus oblongus (C.L. Koch, 1835) 

Original name: Eremaeus oblongus C.L. Koch, 1835  ( Mihelčič, 1963)

Combination: Notaspis oblonga (C.L. Koch, 1835)  ; ( Michael 1884 - 1888).

Synonymy: Eremaeus major Mihelčič, 1953  : ( Mihelčič, 1963).

Geographic Location: MB: Churchill ( Hammer 1952a).

Habitats: luxuriant growth of Catabrosa  sp. with Stellaria, Polygonum  and Achillea  in humid depression under willows.

Distribution: Holarctic.

Remarks: Behan-Pelletier (1993b) examined specimens of Eu. oblongus  from central Europe (types are unknown). They are not conspecific with any known North American species and this record may represent a misidentification.