Naiazetes reevesi Behan-Pelletier, 1996

Behan-Pelletier, Valerie M. & Lindo, Zoë, 2019, Checklist of oribatid mites (Acari: Oribatida) of Canada and Alaska, Zootaxa 4666 (1), pp. 1-180: 152-153

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Naiazetes reevesi Behan-Pelletier, 1996


Naiazetes reevesi Behan-Pelletier, 1996  

Combination: Geminozetes (Naiazetes) reevesi ( Behan-Pelletier, 1996)   ; ( Subías 2004).

Geographic Location and Habitats: QC: Parc National de Frontenac, aquatic ( Behan-Pelletier 1996).

Distribution: Nearctic.

Remarks: We reject the placement of Naiazetes   ( Heterozetidae   ) as a subgenus of Geminozetes   ( Ceratozetidae   ) by Subías (2004), as no arguments were given for this placement.

Genus Zetomimus Hull, 1916  

Remarks: Zetomimus   was considered a member of Ceratozetidae   by Subías (2004), without justification. We include it in Heterozetidae   based on arguments in Behan-Pelletier & Eamer (2003).