Frankliniella schultzei (Trybom)

Vierbergen, Gijsbertus, 2014, Thysanoptera intercepted in the Netherlands on plant products from Ethiopia, with description of two new species of the genus Thrips, Zootaxa 3765 (3), pp. 269-278 : 272

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Frankliniella schultzei (Trybom)


Frankliniella schultzei (Trybom)  

Of this variable species, two forms are recorded. In Sudan, Mound (1968) collected the two forms in the same flowers and, apart from the colour, did not find any other morphological differences. He therefore concluded that these colour forms belong to a single species. However, differences in ability to transmit tospoviruses between a light and dark colour form have been reported ( Sakimura 1969; Cho et al. 1988). Additionally, in the Netherlands, from many interceptions on import flowers I have seen in total four quite stable colour forms. It would be interesting to examine sequence data from these forms to establish the genetic differences between them. Given the common occurrence of F. schultzei   on imported cut flowers, it might be expected that larvae would also be found on these products. However, in the Netherlands larvae are rarely found on cut flowers, but commonly known from intercepted vegetables ( Asparagus, Momordica, Ocimum   ; origin Dominica, Israel, Thailand) and pot plants ( Cactaceae, Canary Isles   ). The first interception record from Ethiopia is: at an import firm in De Kwakel, 15.xi. 2004, Rosa   –cut flower, 1 female (L. Vriens).