Anteon phuphayonense Olmi, 2008

Xu, Zaifu, Olmi, Massimo & He, Junhua, 2013, Dryinidae of the Oriental region (Hymenoptera: Chrysidoidea), Zootaxa 3614 (1), pp. 1-460 : 154

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Anteon phuphayonense Olmi, 2008


100. Anteon phuphayonense Olmi, 2008

(Plate 39E)

Anteon phuphayonense Olmi 2008c: 229.

Description of Female. Fully winged; length 2.4 mm. Completely testaceous, except anterior margin of petiole brown. Antenna clavate; antennal segments in following proportions: 5:4.5:5:4:4:4:4:4:4:6.5. Head shiny, smooth, punctate, unsculptured among punctures, except anterior half of face rugose; frontal line complete; POL = 3; OL = 2; OOL = 4; OPL = 3.5; TL = 3; greatest breadth of posterior ocelli as long as OL; occipital carina complete. Pronotum with anterior surface dull and rugose; posterior surface shiny, finely punctate, unsculptured among punctures, about as long as scutum (7:7), longer than broad (12:7); pronotal tubercle reaching tegula. Scutum shiny, smooth, finely punctate, unsculptured among punctures. Notauli complete, posteriorly separated; minimum distance between notauli longer than POL (5:3). Scutellum and metanotum shiny, smooth, finely punctate, unsculptured among punctures. Propodeum with strong transverse keel between dorsal and posterior surface; dorsal surface reticulate rugose; posterior surface with two complete longitudinal keels and median and lateral areas of posterior surface reticulate rugose, dull. Fore wing hyaline, without dark transverse bands; distal part of stigmal vein much shorter than proximal part (3:8). Protarsal segments in following proportions: 4.5:1.5:2.5:7:15. Enlarged claw (Plate 39E) with proximal prominence bearing one long bristle. Segment 5 of protarsus (Plate 39E) with basal part much shorter than distal part, with two rows of 18 + 11 lamellae; distal apex with four lamellae. Tibial spurs 1/1/2.

Male. Unknown.

Material examined. Type: holotype ♀: THAILAND: Sakon Nakhon, Phu Pha Yon National Park Reservoir , 16°55.655'N 104°10.658'E, 280 m, Pan traps, 9–10.VII.2006, M. Ngoyjansri & C. Cheaukamjan leg. ( QSBG) GoogleMaps .

Hosts. Unknown.

Distribution. Thailand (Sakon Nakhon).