Paramblypterus sp.

Štamberg, Stanislav, 2021, Actinopterygians Of The Broumov Formation (Permian) In The Czech Part Of The Intra-Sudetic Basin (The Czech Republic), Fossil Imprint 77 (1), pp. 73-101 : 91-92

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Paramblypterus sp.


Paramblypterus sp.

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M a t e r i a l. Specimen P 64668 from Otovice Limestone from the locality Otovice “Chmelnice” .

D e s c r i p t i o n. Specimen with a fusiform body shape 147 mm of the total body length. The body is anteriorly not as arched as in Paramblypterus cf. rohani. The body length/ depth ratio is 4.9. The dorsal and anal fins are large, the pelvic fin is closer to the pectoral fin than to the anal fin. Only the outline of the skull shape is preserved. The skull length would fit into the total body length 5.9 times. The pelvic fin consists of approximately 15 segmented and dichotomously branching lepidotrichia and its anterior edge is protected by the terminal pointed segments of five anteriorly situated lepidotrichia. The large anal fin of triangular shape consists of 26 segmented and dichotomously branching lepidotrichia, and it starts at the level of the middle of the dorsal fin base. The base of the anal fin extends over a length of 8 scale rows. The large dorsal fin begins in the middle of the total body length and similarly as in anal fin has approximately 26 segmented and dichotomously branched lepidotrichia. The anterior edge of the fin is protected by pointed terminal segments of six anteriorly situated lepidotrichia in combination with several fringing fulcra. The anal and dorsal fins are very large and form more than 11 % of the total area of the body including fins in lateral view. Comparing the area of the anal and dorsal fins with the total body area in lateral view with other species of the genus Paramblypterus , this ratio is about 9 % in Paramblypterus vratislaviensis, in Paramblypterus zeidleri 7 % and in Paramblypterus rohani from Rudník Horizon of Krkonoše Piedmont Basin 7.8–9.1 %. The dorsal and ventral lobes of the caudal fin make an angle of 43°. The ventral lobe consists of 15 short segmented lepidotrichia. The segments of all the fins are short and wide which indicates that it was an adult specimen. Almost the whole body is preserved as an outprint and the morphology of the scales is indistinct. Fine ridges on the surface of the scales and their serrated posterior margin are observable only on a number of scales in the anterior area of the body. The scale count is

28 ––––––––––––––––– 40 9 21 38

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