Gryllotalpa breviabdominis, Ma, Libin & Zhang, Yalin, 2011

Ma, Libin & Zhang, Yalin, 2011, Redescriptions of two incompletely described species of mole cricket genus Gryllotalpa (Grylloidea; Gryllotalpidae; Gryllotalpinae) from China with description of two new species and a key to the known Chinese species, Zootaxa 2733, pp. 41-48: 44-46

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Gryllotalpa breviabdominis

sp. nov.

Gryllotalpa breviabdominis   sp. nov.

(Figs. A 3, B 3, C 3, D 3)

Type material. Holotype male, China: Henan, Lushi County, Lushi Mountain, 23 -August- 2008, coll. Huang Jianhua ( NWAFU).

Diagnosis. Male. Small, stout and abdomen short. Ocelli flat and not very large. Pronotum 1.2 times longer than width. Tegmen similar to that of G. henana   , but c 1 nearly three times size of c 2, and vein at the base of R s rounded. Stridulatory files sinuate, conspicuously dilated at the corner of inside part; teeth dispersed at dilated corner and sparse outside and medially; inside corner armed with 32 teeth (10 large teeth and 22 small teeth), small teeth located alongside or between large teeth. This specimen with left tegmen over right. Hind wings similar to that of G. henana   . Hind tibiae armed with 3 internal preapical spines. Genitalia: similar to G. henana   , but thicker and larger. Transverse sclerite wide and short, more open between two sclerites than G. henana   ; epiphallus conspicuously wider and lower part well-curved; ectophallus paramere broad and somewhat rectangular, internal process of paramere, upward pointed, spicula-like and distinctly thinner and longer than what of G. henana   .

FIGURES C. 1–4. Stridulatory files, a. whole illustration of file; b. the inside part of file: 1. G. jinxiuensis   ; 2. G. henana   ; 3. G. breviabdominis   nov. sp.; 4. G. cycloptera   nov. sp. .

Coloration: Body brownish, but fore and media legs in light color, mostly yellow. Ocelli gray. Measurements: BL 18, PL 6.5, PW 5.5, PI 1.18, FWL 8.6, FWW 2.7, HWL 4.5, HLL 6.5, SAL 3.4, SAW 1.7, SFL 1.6, NST 67.

Etymology: The specific epithet “ breviabdominis   ” refers to the relatively shorter abdomen. Remarks: The species is similar to G. henana   , but they differ as compared above. It is also same for Gryllotalpa pygmaea Ingrisch, 1990   but they are very different in that the tegmen veins and the ectophallus paramere of G. pygmaea   arms are obviously lower process below the internal process, but this is very small and inconspicuous in the new species. This new species is related to Gryllotalpa wudangshanensis Li et al., 2007   and Gryllotalpa mabiana Ma et al., 2008   , but its inside corner of stridulatory file is very dilated and armed 32 teeth while in those two species, it is narrower and armed with not more than 12 teeth. All genitalia of the new species and its related ones are distinct from each other.

FIGURES D. 1–4. Genitalia, a. in ventral view; b. in front view; c. in lateral view; d. in dorsal view: 1. G. jinxiuensis   ; 2. G. henana   ; 3. G. breviabdominis   nov. sp.; 4. G. cycloptera   nov. sp.


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