Oideterus andrarius ( Galileo, 1987 ),

Ascuntar-Osnas, Oscar, 2018, A new species and new records of the genus Oideterus Thomson, 1857 (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae: Prioninae: Anacolini) from Colombia, Zootaxa 4471 (1), pp. 189-194: 191-192

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Oideterus andrarius ( Galileo, 1987 )


Oideterus andrarius ( Galileo, 1987)  ( Figure 2View FIGURE 2 A-B-C)

Diagnosis: This species differs from congeners by the following combination of characters, according to Galileo (1987): Sides of pronotum subparallel at margins before spine, in the other species, they are oblique; and by elytra with lateral margins narrowed apically from about middle. Metatarsomere I about as long as V ( Fig. 2CView FIGURE 2).

Examined material: COLOMBIA: CALDAS, Neira, Via Neira-El Aguila. Humid montane forest, 1 male, Elevation : 1700 m. Collection date: May 18th 2008. Collector: S. Zuluaga. Museum code: CEBUC-B-Col769  . HUILA, La Plata, Merenberg farm, 1 male, Coordinates: 2°13’8”N - 76°7’4”W. Elevation: 2300 m. Collection date: April 3rd 1980. Collector: N.N. Museum code: MUSENUV-6572GoogleMaps  . QUINDÍO, Filandia , 1 male  , Bremen forest, Monos corridor, coordinates: 4°40’47,5”N - 75°38’17.0”W. Elevation: 1857 m, 70% tree cover, environmental RH 89,4%, environmental temperature 21°C. Collection data: April 1st 2010. Direct capture. Collector: Oscar Ascuntar-Osnas. Museum code: MUSENUV—28165GoogleMaps  . RISARALDA, Ucumari National Natural Park, 1 male, on decomposing trunk. Elevation: 1850 m. Collection date: March 4th 1994. Collector: E. Trochez. Museum code: MUSENUV- 6573  . VALLE DEL CAUCA, Dapa, 1 male, on vegetation. Elevation: 1700 m. Collection date: June 23rd 2002. Collector: M. Marquez. Museum code: MUSENUV- 22473; Dagua, El Ensueño, 1 male, manual capture. Coordinates: 3°39’37” N - 76°41’34” W. ElevationGoogleMaps  : 821 m. Collection date: November 3rd 2007. Collector: Doris Canacuan. Museum code: MUSENUV-22905. 

Additional record: VALLE DEL CAUCA, Calima, El Darién, Bravo river , 1 male, on trunks. Elevation: 868 m. Collection date: September 21-23rd 1990  . Collector: Luis Carlos Pardo Locarno. Code: CFLP-S15-263 E.O.

Previous records: ANTIOQUIA (see Beazrk 2018). CUNDINAMARCA (see Galileo 1987, p. 562), VALLE DEL CAUCA (see Galileo 1987, p. 562; Bezark 2018). RISARALDA (see Martinez 2000, p. 84).

Remarks: Oideterus andrarius  is only known from Colombia, mainly associated with the Andean region, in an altitudinal range between 1730 and 2300 m ( Fig. 3View FIGURE 3). The species is recorded for the first time for Caldas, Huila and Quindío Departments. New records come from protected areas and habitats in restoration process. One of the localities (Bremen forest, Quindío), has been in restoration process for 13 years ( Herrera-Rangel et al. 2015). Another new record originated at the Merenberg farm (Huila), which is currently a private natural reserve (with almost 300 ha of extension) with 150 ha of secondary forests and 150 ha of pastures ( Carvajal 2014).

Geographic distribution: Colombia (Antioquia, Caldas*, Huila*, Quindío*, Risaralda, and Valle del Cauca). *New locality. See Fig. 3View FIGURE 3.