Bembecinus hungaricus FRIVALDZKY

Schmid, C., 2009, New records of Bembecinus COSTA 1859 (Hymenoptera, Crabronidae) from the Palaearctic region with description of a new species from Yemen, Linzer biologische Beiträge 41 (1), pp. 759-766: 761

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Bembecinus hungaricus FRIVALDZKY


Bembecinus hungaricus FRIVALDZKY  

D i s t r i b u t i o n: From Southern Europe to eastern Asia.

R e c o r d s: Kazakhstan: 3 21.8.1978 (label in russian letters) [det as sibiricus by Kazenas] ( CAS). Mongolia: about 20 specimens 2.8.2005 75 km W Ulaanbaatar   ; about 30 specimens, reservation on 47’24’N 103’39’E ( OLL) - Hungaria: 3 ♀ 2005 Örkeny ( OLL)   .


Departamento de Geologia, Universidad de Chile


California Academy of Sciences