Leucotrichia tubifex Flint, 1964,

Thomson, Robin E. & Holzenthal, Ralph W., 2015, A revision of the Neotropical caddisfly genus Leucotrichia Mosely, 1934 (Hydroptilidae, Leucotrichiinae), ZooKeys 499, pp. 1-100: 42-43

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Leucotrichia tubifex Flint, 1964


Taxon classification Animalia Trichoptera Hydroptilidae

Leucotrichia tubifex Flint, 1964  Fig. 44

tubifex  Flint, 1964: 44 [Type locality: Puerto Rico, Maricao, at fish hatchery; NMNH; male; female, larva, pupa, case]; 1970: 7 [male, larva, case, distribution]. - Botosaneanu 1991: 116 [distribution]. - Botosaneanu and Bolland 1997: 71 [parasitized by mite, genus Leptus  ].


Leucotrichia tubifex  can be recognized by the bulbous apex of the phallus. This species is similar to Leucotrichia gomezi  in the subquadrate appearance of sternum VIII when viewed laterally and differs in bearing small peg-like setae on a small posteroventral projection not present in Leucotrichia gomezi  . The posterior margin of sternum VIII is convex and U-shaped in Leucotrichia tubifex  , while it is straight and without emargination in Leucotrichia tubifex  . Additional similarities and differences are discussed under Leucotrichia gomezi  .


Male. Length of forewing 3.6-5.2 (n=24). Head unmodified, with 3 ocelli; antennae unmodified. Dorsum of head brown with yellow setae; thorax brown with yellow setae dorsally, light brown ventrally; leg segments with light brown setae. Forewings covered with fine golden yellow and tan setae. Genitalia. Abdominal sternum VII with short, pointed mesoventral process. Sternum VIII posteroventral projection bearing small peg-like setae, in ventral view with posterior margin concave. Segment IX anterolateral margin convex, posterolateral margin straight; in dorsal view anterior margin shallowly concave, posterior margin concave. Tergum × with dorsal sclerite continuous with ventral sclerite; ventral sclerite small with rounded emargination on posterior margin; membranous apex extending down to base of subgenital plate. Subgenital plate fused with ventral sclerite of tergum X; with dorsal arm not apparent; ventral arm rounded basally, curved dorsad, apex acute, in ventral view subovate with rounded apical emargination. Inferior appendage with small dorsomesal spine, apex truncate, bearing single dorsal spine; in ventral view with subquadrate basal projection on outer margin, with 2 small apicomesal projections. Phallus apex with 1 dorsal, 1 ventral, and 1 pair of lateral elongate sclerites, apex bulbous.

Material examined.

Holotype male: PUERTO RICO: Maricao Fish Hatchery, 23.xii.1962, P and P Spangler (in alcohol) (USNM 66885) (NMNH). Nontypes: DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: La Estrelleta Province: 4 km SE Río Limpio,elev. ca. 760 m, 24-25.v.1973, D. and M. Davis, 1 male (NMNH); La Vega: Jarabacoa, 1-2 km S, 19°06.9'N, 70°37.0'W, elev. 520 m, 8-21.v.1995, W.N. Mathis, 1 male, 2 females (NMNH); Jarabacoa, 3-4.vi.1969, Flint and Gomez, 1 male (in alcohol) (NMNH); Salto Guasara, 9.5 km W Jarabacoa, elev. 680 m, 10°04.4'N, 70°42.1'W, 9.v.1995, O.S. Flint, Jr., 1 male (NMNH); Río Baiguate, 1-2 km S Jarabacoa, elev. 520 m, 19°06.9'N, 70°37.0'W, 809.v.1995, O.S. Flint, Jr., 3 males, 5 females (NMNH); Jarabacoa, 13.xi.1984, P. and P. Spangler and R. Faitoute, 1 male (in alcohol) (NMNH); Pedernales: Pedernales, 21 km N, elev. 270 m, 18°09.3'N, 71°45.6'W, Río Mulito, 18.iii.1999, W.N. Mathis, 1 female (NMNH); JAMAICA: St. Andrews Parish: Chestervale, Yallahs River, 24-25.vii.1962, Farr, O., and R. Flint, 1 male, 2 females (NMNH); Chestervale, Yallahs River, 17.vii.1963, Flint and Farr, 5 males, 1 female (NMNH); St. Andrew Parish, Newcastle, M.P.16.5, 18.vii.1963, Flint and Farr, 1 male (NMNH); Yallahs River, Hill Gap, elev 920 m, 18°05.1'N, 76°41.1'W, 26.iv.2000, O.S. Flint, Jr., 3 males (NMNH); Mavis Bank, Yallahs River, 4.3 km SE, 18°1.4'N, 76°38.1'W, elev. 480 m, 22-23.iv.2000, W.N. Mathis, 1 female (NMNH); PUERTO RICO: Jayuya: 2 km E Río Saliente, 18°12.8'N, 66°33.9'W, 22.ix.1995, D. and W.N. Mathis, 2 males (NMNH); Ponce: Real Anon, at Río Inabon, 18°7'N, 66°34'W, 30.vi.2008, W.E. Steiner, J.M. Swearingen, O.H. Garrido, and A.R. Perez-Asso, at black light in gap of mixed montane rain forest, 3 males (in alcohol) (NMNH).
















Leucotrichia tubifex Flint, 1964

Thomson, Robin E. & Holzenthal, Ralph W. 2015


Latreille 1796