Zelotes laconicus, Senglet & Ch-, 2011

Senglet, Antoine, 2011, New species in the zelotes tenuis-group and new or little known species in other zelotes groups (gnaphosidae, araneae), Revue suisse de Zoologie 118 (3), pp. 513-559 : 538-539

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https://doi.org/ 10.5962/bhl.part.117816

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Zelotes laconicus

sp. n.

Zelotes laconicus sp. n. Figs 97-104

HOLOTYPE: GREECE, Peloponnesus, Laconia, Viglafia / Neapolis (in Juncus litter on sand), 36°31'N 22°59'E; Ƌ; 04.10.2010. GoogleMaps

PARATYPES: Same locality as for holotype; 1 Ƌ GoogleMaps , 2 ♀ (with vulva and palpus in microvial). – 1 ♀, same, 04.10.2004.

ETYMOLOGY: The species name, an adjective, refers to the Greek province of


DESCRIPTION: Large dark species. Prosoma dark brown, with black bristles. Opisthosoma black, covered with numerous black bristles. Legs dark brown, tarsi feebly lightened. Tarsi and metatarsi I, II entirely scopulate. Posterior eye row straight to slightly recurved. One tooth on retromargin of chelicera. – Ƌ holotype: Total length 5.00. Prosoma: 2.25 long, 1.70 wide, 0.86 wide at level of posterior eyes. Eye sizes and interdistances: AME 0.06, ALE 0.10, PME 0.08, PLE 0.08, AME-AME 0.06, AME- ALE 0.01, PME-PME 0.04, PME-PLE 0.04, ALE-PLE 0.06. MOQ length 0.21, front width 0.31, back width 0.37. Clypeus: 0.08 from AME, 0.07 from ALE. Pedipalp (Figs 97-101): Patella dorsally longer than tibia. Tibia slightly wider than long. Retrolateral tibial apophysis about as long as dorsal length of tibia. Intercalary sclerite narrow. Grooved embolar base with a ribbon-like depressed retrolateral projection. Embolus coiled; its external part sclerotized, with a wide internal membranous flange reaching end of terminal projection of embolar base (Figs 100-101); at that point emitting an inner twisted apophysis linked with a membrane to the threadlike embolus; an elongated and twisted basal embolar apophysis also present. Scutum occupying 40% of opisthosoma length. – ♀ paratype: Total length 6.33. Prosoma: 2.56 long, 1.92 wide, 1.06 wide at level of posterior eyes. Eye sizes and interdistances: AME 0.06, ALE 0.11, PME 0.10, PLE 0.10; AME-AME 0.04, AME-ALE 0.01, PME-PME 0.04, PME-PLE 0.06, ALE-PLE 0.07. MOQ length 0.27, front width 0.38, back width 0.46. Clypeus: 0.90 from AME, 0.70 from ALE. Epigynum (Fig. 102) wider than long. Sclerotized epigynal plate with a triangular posterior median notch reaching almost mid-length of plate. Vulva (Figs 103-104) characterized by uncoiled bag-like anterior part of median ducts reaching anterior epigynal margin .

FIGS 97-104

Zelotes laconicus sp. n. (97-101) Left male palp. (97) Prolateral view. (98) Ventral view. (99) Retrolateral view. (100) Apex of palpal organ, apical view, cymbium discarded. (101) Id., cleared, retrolateral view. (102) Epigynum. (103) Vulva, ventral view. (104) Id., dorsal view. Bold lines indicate epigynal folds. Scale lines 0.2 mm.