Anaphothrips swezeyi Moulton

Masumoto, Masami & Okajima, Shûji, 2017, Anaphothrips genus-group: key to world genera, with two new species and three new records from Japan (Thysanoptera, Thripidae), Zootaxa 4272 (2), pp. 201-220: 208

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Anaphothrips swezeyi Moulton


Anaphothrips swezeyi Moulton  

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Described from Hawaii and also recorded from Australia ( Mound & Masumoto 2009), this species is here newly recorded in Japan. It is very similar to A. asahi   in having slender uniformly pale body and 8-segmented antennae. However, swezeyi   has no CPS on the metascutum, the abdominal tergites lack sculpture lines medially, and abdominal tergite VIII has a long and complete posteromarginal comb. In contrast, asahi   has CPS present on the metascutum, abdominal tergites with weak sculpture lines, not smooth medially, and tergite VIII with the posteromarginal comb more irregular. Moreover, A. swezeyi   is always macropterous in both sexes, but females of A. asahi   are usually micropterous (males always micropterous).  

Specimens examined. Japan: Ryukyus, Okinawa Island, Naha City , Sueyoshi park: 1 female on Oplismenus undulatifolius   [ Poaceae   ], 22.i.2005 (TUA)   . 1 female on Poaceae   , 17.v.2014 (TUA). 2 females on Poaceae   , 3.v.2015 (TUA).


University of Puget Sound, Slater Museum of Natural History