Javalbia (Javalbiopsis) indentata, Smit, Harry, 2016

Smit, Harry, 2016, The water mite family Aturidae Thor (Acari: Hydrachnidia) from Ghana, with the description of twelve new species, Zootaxa 4158 (4), pp. 523-543 : 538-540

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Javalbia (Javalbiopsis) indentata

n. sp.

Javalbia (Javalbiopsis) indentata n. sp.

( Figs. 11A–C View FIGURE 11 A – C )

Material examined. Holotype female, Unnamed stream between Apepam and Kojo Amu, Atewa Hills, Ghana, 6º 10.252 N 0º 36.520 W, alt. 424 m a.s.l., 27-ii-2013 GoogleMaps . Paratype: one female, same data as holotype; one female, Kulugu River , upstream, hyporheic, Ghana, 6º 51.223 N 0º 25.141 E, alt. 410 m a.s.l., 20-ii-2013 GoogleMaps ; one female, Tagbo River downstream of falls, Ghana, 7º 0 0.708 N 0º 34.326 E, alt. 394 m a.s.l., 23-ii-2013 GoogleMaps ; one female, Apkonu stream, downstream of falls, at Logba Tota, Ghana, 6º 53.054 N 0º 28.024 E, alt. 362 m a.s.l., 21-ii-2013 GoogleMaps . Other material. 0/1/0, Amedzofe Falls, Ghana, 6º 50.656 N 0º 26.868 E, alt. 599 m, 20-ii-2013 GoogleMaps .

Diagnosis. Postocularia at same level as dgl-2; dorsal furrow with three small glandularia platelets.

Description. Female: Idiosoma brownish, dorsally 365 (363–413) long and 318 (272–328) wide, ventrally 312 (324–356) long. Dorsum with a short posterior indentation. Dorsal shield 348 (351–401) long and 318 (235–274) wide, with A2, five pairs of glandularia and a pair of setae without glands. Postocularia on same level as dgl-2. Dorsal furrow with three pairs of small glandularia platelets. Excretory pore fused with dorsal shield. Suture lines of coxae obliterated. Cxgl-4 about halfway between fourth leg sockets and genital field. Vgl-2 lying free, partially covered by posterior margin of ventral shield. Genital field with three pairs of acetabula in a row. Acetabular plates not fused with postgenital sclerites. Gonopore 98 long. Length of P1–5: 21, 30, 20, 44, 24. Length of I-leg-4–6: 38, 42, 42. Length of IV-leg-4–6: 54, 58, 46. Legs without swimming setae.

Male: Unknown.

Etymology. Named after the short posterior indentation of the dorsum.

Remarks. he only other known Javalbia species from Africa with three pairs of acetabula, J. africana has the dorsal furrow with long glandularia platelets, vgl-2 are fused with the acetabular plates and the postocularia are lying anterior to dgl-2. The female from Amedzofe Falls has the preocularia not fused with the dorsal shield.