Singilis klimenkoi, Anichtchenko, Alexander, 2011

Anichtchenko, Alexander, 2011, Review of subtribe Singilina Jeannel, 1949, of the Middle East and Central Asia (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Lebiini), ZooKeys 155, pp. 1-50: 11-12

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Singilis klimenkoi

sp. n.

Singilis klimenkoi   ZBK   sp. n.

Material examined.

Holotype: ♂, SE Iran, Sistan, 100 km SE Zahedan, Tamin, 2100m, 3.V.2006, leg. A. Klimenko (ZIN); Paratype: ♂, same label (AAC).


Among the quartet of species consisting of small-bodied beetles, with subovate elytra and long pubescence (Figs 8-11), easily distinguishable by the single uninterrupted row of widely spaced setiferous pores on all elytral intervals and uniformly yellow brownish coloration.


Length 4.7-5.1 mm. Uniformly yellow-brown, legs paler (Fig. 10).

Head smooth, very distinctly microsculptured, finely punctulate, punctures separated by 2 to 4 diameters. Clypeus impunctate. Eyes large and bulging, with 2-3 short setae at posterior margin. Second supraocular seta located just anterad the posterior margin of eye. Temples short, smooth. Scape with a very long subapical seta and several short setae; pedicel and antennomere III each with a single band of apical setae. Antennae pubescent from mid-length of antennomere IV.

Pronotum smooth, 1.08 times as wide as head, 1.38 times as wide as long, widest right behind marginal setae. Anterior margin straight, anterior angles effaced, sides almost straight basad the widest point. Posterior angles obtuse. Lateral margin narrow, 2-3 transverse wrinkles at base. Discal punctation sparse and shallow, somewhat sparser than on head. Posterior pore right in front of angle. Lateral and basal setae long. Basal grooves punctiform. Pronotal base extended in a rounded median lobe. Furrow deep and short. Microsculpture as on head.

Elytra shinier than head and pronotum. Each interval with a single irregular row of sparse setae; setae longer than the width of interval 3 at its widest. Setiferous pores large and flat, sparser on intervals 3 and 5 than elsewhere. Microsculpture polygonal, more delicate than on head and pronotum. Apices weakly obliquely sinuate, rounded at suture. Striae very finely punctate. Intervals slightly convex at base and flat at apex. Scutellum microsculpture as on elytra.

Tarsomere V with 4 pairs of ventral setae, two basal pairs very short. Claws with 3 denticles in basal half. Venter brownish yellow throughout. Episterna smooth. Abdominal sterna with long pubescence.

Aedeagus - Fig. 33. Aedeagal median lobe moderately broad, ventral surface straight at midlength, apical fourth of lobe slightly downturned, tip long. Internal sac with compact field of large spines.

Name derivation.

Named after Alexei Klimenko who collected the specimens.