Monolexis Foerster , 1863,

Broad, Gavin R., Shaw, Mark R. & Godfray, H. Charles J., 2016, Checklist of British and Irish Hymenoptera - Braconidae, Biodiversity Data Journal 4, pp. 8151-8151: 8151

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Monolexis Foerster , 1863


Monolexis Foerster, 1863 


Species of Monolexis  excluded from the British and Irish list:

[fuscicornis Förster, 1863; syn. lycti (Cresson, 1880, Anisopelma  ); minimus (Cresson, 1880, Anisopelma  ); utilis (Cresson, 1880, Anisopelma  ); doderoi (Mantero, 1910, Hecabolus  ); lavagnei Picard, 1913; atis Nixon, 1943] Seems to have been included on the British list only on the basis of specimens emerging from Oak ( Quercus  ) timber imported from the USA (e.g. Laing 1928).