Euphyodesmus philippina (Nguyen Duc & Sierwald, 2010), comb. n.

Golovatch, Sergei & Stoev, Pavel, 2013, The millipede family Paradoxosomatidae in the Philippines, with a description of Eustrongylosomapenevi sp. n., and notes on Anoplodesmusanthracinus Pocock, 1895, recorded in Malaysia and Sri Lanka for the first time (Diplopoda, Polydesmida), Biodiversity Data Journal 1, pp. 957-957: 957

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Euphyodesmus philippina (Nguyen Duc & Sierwald, 2010), comb. n.


philippina   Euphyodesmus   Paradoxosomatidae   Polydesmida   Diplopoda  Arthropoda  Animalia 

Euphyodesmus philippina (Nguyen Duc & Sierwald, 2010), comb. n.  


The identity of this species, described from Palawan Island in the genus Desmoxytes   Chamberlin, 1923 ( Nguyen Duc and Sierwald 2010), has recently been discussed and shown to actually represent the basically Australian subfamily Australiosomatinae   ( Golovatch et al. 2012). The species has thereby remained referred to as " Desmoxytes " philippina   , the genus name being put in quotation marks to emphasize the wrong original assignment. Here we take the opportunity to allocate it properly at least at the subfamily level, choosing the Bornean Euphyodesmus   as perhaps the best candidate genus ( Golovatch 1996).