Cyphomyrmex rimosus, Spinola

Forel, A., 1893, Formicides de l'Antille St. Vincent. Récoltées par Mons. H. H. Smith., Transactions of the Entomological Society of London 1893, pp. 333-418: 374-375

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Cyphomyrmex rimosus, Spinola


Cyphomyrmex rimosus, Spinola   HNS   .

(= Cyphomyrmex deformis   HNS   , Sm., nec. Mayr, F. novogr.).

(No. 50 a a 50 r). [[ worker ]] [[ queen ]] [[ male ]].

(= Cyphomyrmex steinheili, Forel   HNS   , Et. myrm., 1884).

(50). Common, in open or shady ground. Communities of four or live to twenty - rarely larger - to one hundred individuals. The formicarium is a simple cavity under a stone or stick, at the roots of grass, or occasionally in rotten wood. The ants are very sluggish, hardly moving when disturbed. I have not found the workers in beating foliage, and judge that they are nocturnal, and probably terrestrial, in their habits. I have perhaps included more than one species under this number. Those found in a nest are always of. the same colour, or nearly so; and, though the colour may be due to age, it is singular that there should be no variation in a community. There seem also to be differences of size and form; but my object in separating the species is simply to get better notes on them, and of course the work is very roughly done. I have found these ants crawling, towards evening, on the floor of a dark outhouse. They move slowly.

(50 a). Wallilobo (leeward), Nov. 8 th. Open valley near sea-level. Nest under the edge of a stone; an unusually large community. Many grass-seeds were found in the nest.

(50 b). Bowwood Valley, near Kingstown, 800 ft. Open place under stone. Oct. 2 lst.

(50 c). Near Palmyra Estate (leeward), 1000 ft. Nov. 4 th. Shady place near stream; under turf on a rock. A small community. All I could find are in the bottle.

(50 d). Richmond Valley, 1000 ft. Nov. 13 th. Shady banks of stream; under turf on a rock.

(50 e). Wallilobo Valley (leeward), 500 ft. Nov. 8 th. Under sod on a rock.

(50 f). Golden Grove (leeward); open place, 300 ft. Oct. 10 th. Small nest (ten or twelve ants) under a stone ..

(50 g). Forest above Chateaubelais (leeward), 1000 ft. Oct. 11 th. Under a stick.

(50 h). Old Botanical Garden, Kingstown, 500 ft. Oct. 22 nd. Under bark of rotten log.

(50 i). Wallibou (leeward); seaside thickets. Oct. 8 th. From two or three small nests under stones.

(50 j). Near Palmyra Estate (leeward), 1000 ft. Nov. 4 th. Shady banks of stream. Small nest under sod on a rock.

(50 k). Near Cumberland (leeward); open valley, 200 ft. Oct. 10 th. Small nest under a stone.

(501). Various localities. Specimens from different nests.

• (50 m). Petit Bordelle Valley, 1200 ft. Nov. 12 th. Shady banks of stream; under sod on a rock.

(50 n). Brighton Estate, southern end of island. Nov. 17 th. Open place, 500 ft.; under sod on a rock. A community of about a hundred individuals.

(50 o). Hermitage Estate, Cumberland Valley, 1000 ft. Dec. 2 nd. Small nest tinder dry sod on a rock; edge of forest.

(50 p). Windward side, Grand Sable Estate. Jan. 3 rd. Thicket near seashore; side of a rock under earth. A community of about forty workers, with a good many males and females.

(50 q). Windward side; sandy bed of the Dry River; near the sea; ' open land. Jan. 2 nd. Under a stone,

(50 r). Richmond Valley; thick forest, 1100 ft. Dec. 29 th. Male found under rotting leaves, & c.