Trigonopterus allaetus Riedel

Riedel, Alexander & Taenzler, Rene, 2016, Revision of the Australian species of the weevil genus Trigonopterus Fauvel, ZooKeys 556, pp. 97-162: 103

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scientific name

Trigonopterus allaetus Riedel

sp. n.

Taxon classification Animalia Coleoptera Curculionidae

3 . Trigonopterus allaetus Riedel   sp. n.

Diagnostic description.

Holotype (Fig. 3a). Length 2.34 mm. Color black, antenna ferruginous. Body elongate-ovate, with weak constriction between pronotum and elytron; in profile evenly convex. Rostrum with median costa and pair of fine submedian ridges; intervening furrows with rows of white erect scales. Eyes large, in dorsal position, medially approximate. Pronotum with disk subglabrous, densely punctate with minute punctures; sides more densely punctate with larger punctures. Elytra subglabrous, with sparse minute punctures; along base and humeri with row of larger punctures. Legs. Meso- and metafemur dorsally with narrow band of white scales; metafemur with distinct dorsoposterior edge. Tibial apex with uncus and minute premucro. Abdominal ventrites 1-2 and ventrite 5 medially concave. Abdominal venter medially subglabrous, laterally with sparse white scales. Penis (Fig. 3b) with sides of body subparallel; apex with median acute extension; transfer apparatus short, dentiform; ductus ejaculatorius without bulbus. Intraspecific variation. Length 2.16-2.68 mm. Female rostrum subglabrous, sparsely setose, with submedian rows of punctures; base squamose. Female abdominal ventrites 5 flat.

Material examined.

Holotype ( ANIC): ARC4240 (PCR failed), Queensland, 8 km E Mt. Tozer, S12°45', E143°17', 08-VII-1986. Paratypes ( ANIC, SMNK): Queensland: 1 ex, 3 km ENE Mt. Tozer, S12°45', E143°14', swept from u´growth, 28-VI-04-VII-1986; 6 exx (ARC4241, PCR failed), 9 km ENE of Mt. Tozer, S12°43', E143°17', beating rainforest vegetation, 05-10-VII-1986; 3 exx, 11 km ENE of Mt. Tozer, S12°43', E143°18', 11-16-VII-1986.


Queensland: Iron Range.


Swept and beaten from rainforest vegetation.


This epithet is a combination of the Latin prefix ad- (next to; near) and the specific epithet of Trigonopterus laetus   (Lea), a closely related species.