Poecilimon martinae martinae Heller (2004)

Kaya, Sarp, Chobanov, Dragan, Heller, Klaus-Gerhard, Yahyaoğlu, Özgül, Uluar, Onur & Çiplak, Battal, 2018, Review of Poecilimon species with inflated pronotum: description of four new taxa within an acoustically diverse group, Zootaxa 4462 (4), pp. 451-482 : 464-468

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Poecilimon martinae martinae Heller (2004)


Poecilimon martinae martinae Heller (2004) : 12.

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Type data. Holotype, male; Turkey, Antalya, near Çıralı-Olympos (ca. 60 km ssw Antalya), 36.410° N, 30.465° E ( CH 5450, Collection Heller).

Description. See Heller (2004) in addition to data here.

Material examined. TURKEY: 1 M, 1 F (CH5487-8), Antalya, 35 km (ss)w Antalya, 36.607o N, 30.545o E, 29.v.1999, leg. R. Zhantiev ( CH) GoogleMaps ; 3 MM, 3 FF ( CH 5449-54), Antalya, near Çıralı-Olimpos (ca. 60 km ssw Antalya) , 10 m, 36.400o N, 30.467o E, 28.v.2000, leg. K.- G. Heller ( CH) (sound record); 1 M, 1 F ( CH 5407-8), Antalya, 10 km east of Kumluca (ca. 70 km ssw Antalya) GoogleMaps , 300 m, 36.365o N, 30.371o E, 04.vi.2000, leg. K.- G. Heller ( CH) (sound record); 3 MM, 3 FF, Antalya, Kozdere, Köprü, west of Kemer 36.563o N, 30.546o E, 25.v.2009, leg. V. Vedenina & K.- G. Heller (sound record); 1 M, Antalya, Kale, Üçagiz near Demre, 36.19894o N, 29.84480o E, 4.vi.2014 (CC). GoogleMaps

Remarks. Heller (2004) reported that the records of P. inflatus by Yalım & Çıplak (2002) from Antalya, Termessos and that by Sevgili (2001) from Kemer refer to P. martinae martinae . The two male used by Yalım & Çıplak (2002) were re-examined and clearly identified as P. isopterus sp. n. described in this study. On the other hand, data obtained during this study indicate that P. isopterus sp. n. occurs in relatively high altitudes (> 500 m as in Termessos and İbradı) while other close relatives such as P. martinae and P. inflatus were recorded along a narrow band along the coast. Thus, we propose that P. martinae martinae occurs along a narrow band starting from Kemer and extending to Demre. In this case the following localities of P. martinae martinae given in Heller (2004) possibly is based on mislabelling: TURKEY: 2 FF ( CH 1551-52), Antalya, Termessos, 36" 58' N, 30'' 30' E, 0 8.06.1985, leg. H. Wolf ( CH).














Poecilimon martinae martinae Heller (2004)

Kaya, Sarp, Chobanov, Dragan, Heller, Klaus-Gerhard, Yahyaoğlu, Özgül, Uluar, Onur & Çiplak, Battal 2018

Poecilimon martinae martinae Heller (2004)

Poecilimon martinae martinae Heller (2004) : 12