Fjellbergella Nosek, 1978: 57.,

Bu, Yun, Potapov, Mikhail B. & Yin, Wen Ying, 2014, Systematic and biogeographical study of Protura (Hexapoda) in Russian Far East: new data on high endemism of the group, ZooKeys 424, pp. 19-57: 29-30

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Fjellbergella Nosek, 1978: 57.


Taxon classification Animalia Protura Acerentomidae

Fjellbergella Nosek, 1978: 57. 

Type species.

Fjellbergella tuxeni  Nosek, 1980.


Mesonotum and metanotum each with two pairs of anterior setae, labial palpus with two-branched terminal tuft of setae, sensillum d located near t2 insertion, abdominal appendages II and III each with three setae, foretarsal sensillum t1 claviform, sensillum b’ present, striate band on abdominal segment VIII reduced and sternite VIII with 4/2 setae.


The genus Fjellbergella  containes only two species so far: Fjellbergella tuxeni  Nosek, 1980 from Alaska and Fjellbergella uteorum  Shrubovych & Bernard, 2013 from Colorado ( Nosek 1980; Shrubovych and Bernard 2013). Except that, one species of the similar form Brasilidia jilinensis  Wu & Yin, 2007 was also found from Northeast China. However, the species of genus Brasilidia  has reduced labial palpus without tuft, and all of them occurred in tropical area (South America and India). After recheck the type specimens, we confirmed that Brasilidia jilinensis  has reduced striate band, the labial palpus with reduced tuft (two-brunched), and three setae on abdominal appendages II and III which indicate it is a member of Fjellbergella  . Thus we transfer Brasilidia jilinensis  to the genus Fjellbergella  as a new combination Fjellbergella jilinensis  (Wu & Yin, 2007), comb. n. Plus the new species described in present paper, the genus Fjellbergella  contains 4 species. They can be distinguished by the following key.

Key to the species of genus Fjellbergella  Nosek, 1978