Amphinemura palmeni (Koponen, 1917),

Ogden, Jeffrey B., Giberson, Donna J. & Aiken, Ronald B., 2018, Stoneflies (Insecta: Plecoptera) In The Boreal Highlands Of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada, With Notes On New Species Records, Illiesia 14 (10), pp. 162-172: 168

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Amphinemura palmeni (Koponen, 1917)


Amphinemura palmeni (Koponen, 1917)  ( Nemouridae  ).

Larvae of this species were originally identified as A. linda Ricker, 1952  , now a junior synonym of A. palmeni (Boumans & Baumann 2012)  . It has been recorded from cold water streams in parts of central North America. The nearest records to Nova Scotia (as A. linda  ) were from central Quebec (Harper & Hynes 1971d). Nine larvae were collected from site 9. It is not clear why it was absent from the other streams, despite similarities in physical and chemical characteristics.