Euvira micmac Klimaszewski & Majka, 2007

Brunke, Adam J., Klimaszewski, Jan, Dorval, Julie-Anne, Bourdon, Caroline, Paiero, Steven M. & Marshall, Stephen A., 2012, New species and distributional records of Aleocharinae (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae) from Ontario, Canada, with a checklist of recorded species, ZooKeys 186, pp. 119-206: 133-134

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Euvira micmac Klimaszewski & Majka, 2007

New Ontario Record

Euvira micmac Klimaszewski & Majka, 2007   New Ontario Record Fig. 27Map 27 genitalia in Klimaszewski and Majka (2007a)

Material examined.

CANADA: ON:Hald.-Norfolk Reg.,Cronmiller Prop., ~6km W St. Williams, 42°40'20"N, 80°29'29"W, ridge forest, malaise pans, 20.ix to 12.x.2011, Brunke & Paiero, 1 (DEBU);Northumberland Co., Barr Property, ~ 7km NE Centreton, 44°7'44"N, 77°59'0"W, forest, sappy Populus wood, 12.vii.2011, A. Brunke, 1 (DEBU), Barr Property, ~ 7km NE Centreton, 44°7'48"N, 77°59'3"W, old field, malaise pans, 1 to, Brunke & Paiero, 1 (DEBU), Peter’s Woods PNR, 44°7'27"N, 78°2'21"W, forest, Berlese streamside litter, 19.v.2011, A. Brunke, 1 (DEBU); Simcoe Co., Midhurst, forest nr. Neretva St., 44°26'22"N, 79°42'40"W, leaf litter, 10.x.2010, A. Brunke, 2 (DEBU).


Canada: ON, NB, NS; USA: OH, MI ( Klimaszewski and Majka 2007a; Webster et al. 2009). Native.


This species has previously been associated with Red Oak ( Quercus rubra   L.) and some specimens have been collected inside spherical Red Oak galls ( Klimaszewski and Majka 2007a). All Ontario specimens were collected in forests containing red oak or in open habitat with several small, Red Oaks. Red Oaks at the Barr property in Northumberland County possessed spherical galls but these were noticed late in the season and did not contain rove beetles when checked. Euvira micmac   has also been collected from litter near water and from under sappy Populus   bark ( Webster et al. 2009, this study), and the association with red oak may be indirect, possibly involving a fungal food source that prefers oak tissue or the microclimate provided by oak galls.