Neopentura semifusca Illies, 1965,

Murányi, Dávid, Gamboa, Maribet & Vera, Alejandro, 2016, Lost and found: the Plecoptera types of Blanchard and Mabille, with further contributions to the stoneflies of Chile, Zootaxa 4200 (4), pp. 544-560: 557

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Neopentura semifusca Illies, 1965


Neopentura semifusca Illies, 1965 

Material examined. CHILE, Region X (Los Lagos), PN Puyehue, Rio Chanleufu above Aguas Calientes, sweeping of shore vegetation, forest and roadside (loc. CH30), 480 m, S 40°44.4' W 72°18.0', 7.xii.2013, leg. Fikáček, Kment & Vondráček: 1♂ ( NMPC) 1♂ ( HNHM)GoogleMaps  .

Remarks. The male of this genus and species was described from Chile recently ( Vera 2006b), previously known only from the single female holotype from Argentina ( Illies 1965). However, as Vera (2006b) suggested, the Antarctoperlinae  ( Araucanioperla  ?) Larventyp A sensu Illies 1963 refers to this species, and it may be more widespread in Chile, and McLellan & Zwick (2007) also reported numerous additional individuals from Argentina  .


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