Melanterius laticornis, Lea, 1913

Pinzón-Navarro, Sara V., Jennings, Debbie & Oberprieler, Rolf G., 2017, Host associations of Melanterius Erichson (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Cleogonini), with a diagnosis and delimitation of the genus and description of five new species, Zootaxa 4298 (1), pp. 1-77: 29

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Melanterius laticornis


The M. laticornis   group

This tentative group includes species that have the dorsal vestiture comprising only minute and very sparse setae, the procoxae contiguous (not separated by a distinct septum) and the mesoventrite usually anteriorly raised into a transverse bar with raised corners, on which the tip of the rostrum rests in repose. A similar condition, however, also occurs in some species of the M. maculatus   group. The M. laticornis   group encompasses species such as M. atronitens Lea, 1931   , M. compositus Lea, 1909   , M. corosus Boisduval, 1835   , M. laticornis Lea, 1913   , M. mediocris Lea, 1913   , M. persimilis Lea, 1909   , M. porosus Lea, 1899   , M. strabonus Lea, 1899   and M. vulgivagus Lea, 1899   . Hosts are known only for M. corosus   .